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In the ever-changing world of fashion, more brands are beginning to embrace sustainability. Stores are starting to stock items that are suitable for the vegan lifestyle. Although there are a few brands out there that sell vegan kids' shoes, finding them online is a different matter.

Choosing the right kids' shoes can already be a challenge, but choosing the right vegan kids' shoes can feel next to impossible.

Scrolling through all those pages, navigating the filters and narrowing down the right vegan kids' shoe is a task itself. Not to mention getting the size and fit just right! Don't worry though - that's why we're here to help.

To make that search easier, we've put together a list of some of the best vegan kids' shoes that we could find, some other brands to look out for, and a handy guide of what to consider when buying vegan shoes for your kids.

The best vegan kids shoes of 2022

Kids' Freshfeet™ Trainers

Best vegan kids shoes for school

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The good news? M&S stock kids vegan shoes. The bad news? They're selling out really fast. Proving to be popular, this pair of all black shoes would make a great choice as vegan school shoes for your little ones.
Size range: UK4 S - UK13 S
Materials: Vegan-friendly textiles
Reviews: "Got these as a spare set for school, they are no longer the spare set! Our little one loves them, says they're really comfortable and they look great."

Read our full guide to the best vegan school shoes for your little ones.

Kids Grey Alpargata TOMS

Best vegan kids shoes for convenience

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Slip on shoes from TOMS offer convenience and practicality that are very much needed features in a kid's shoe. Easy to get on and off with all vegan materials, they also come in other colours and design choices, as shown on their website. A great choice as a casual vegan kids' shoe.
Size range: UK3 S - UK10 S
Materials: Organic cotton

Superga JStrap Classic Kids

Best vegan kids shoes for

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In a range of different colours and designs, these vegan certified shoes by Superga are a great option to wear as an everyday trainer. With velcro strap, their breathable and comfortable design makes them a considered choice. In colours of Navy, Black, Grey Sage, Pink and Red they'll suit your son or daughter perfectly.
Size range: UK5.5 S - UK 3.5
Materials: Pure cotton lining, Canvas, Vulcanised gum sole.
Reviews: "Smart, stylish, practical and comfy."

Angulus Vegan Lace-Up Boots in Sand

Best vegan kids shoes for sustainability

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While on the expensive side, this pair of vegan kids' shoes are at the forefront of sustainability. With all-natural and recycled materials, it makes this pair totally vegan-friendly. Not only are sustainable, but they're so unbelievably stylish for your son or daughter to wear, too. With two different colour options to choose from, they're available in black and sand. They are an absolute must from us, and we have to say, our personal favourites at Mother&Baby.
Size range: 20 EU - 25 EU
Materials: Recycled cotton, Hessian, Natural resin.

Rosie Vegan Sandals Brown

Best vegan kids shoes for occasion wear

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We absolutely love these vegan leather Mary Janes that look so traditional, but incorporate the increasing need for sustainability. Although they're pricey, the quality really shows. Perfect for occasion wear like Easter, Christmas, weddings, christenings and parties, they are the prettiest pair of shoes for your little one.
Size range: 21 EU - 28 EU
Materials: Vegan leather, EVA.

Arizona Kids Vegan Birkenstocks

Best vegan kids shoes for warm weather

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The classic Birkenstocks have been revamped and updated to include a vegan range, and even better, they sell vegan kids' shoes too! In light blue and caramel, they're a great option for wearing both in the house and outdoors in the warmer months. They're ideal if you're going away somewhere warm.
Size range: 26 EU - 35 EU
Materials: EVA, Cork latex, Microfibre, Birko-Flor® nubuck, Metal.

White Hardware Trainer Girls Shoes


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With metallic gold detailing, this sleek pair of white trainers are an affordable take on vegan kids' shoes. They're a great throw on pair of casual kicks that are both stylish and sophisticated, but without the added price tag.

Size range: UK 10 S - UK 2
Materials: Man-made materials, Rubber.

Black Chill Lace Up Girls Junior Boots

Best vegan kids shoes for keeping warm

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These lace up boots with vegan-friendly furry lining are a stylish, supportive shoe for those colder days. With those trendy gold accents, they can be dressed up as occasion wear or dressed down for a more paired back everyday look.
Size range: UK 10 S - UK 12 S
Materials: Man-made materials, Rubber.
Reviews: "Really good quality, supportive boots for my daughter. Really happy with them. The furry lining provides a really comfy fit."

Adidas Stan Smith shoes

Best vegan kids shoes for versatility

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Made from vegan-friendly and high performance recycled materials, these Adidas Stan Smith shoes are pioneers in the industry of kids' shoes. With four different colours to choose from, they're the perfect versatile shoe for your son or daughter. They can be worn as everyday, school shoes or sports shoes. Plus, they're easy to wipe clean which is always a must for a pair of white shoes!
Size range: UK 10K S - UK 2.5
Materials: Primegreen, Rubber.
Reviews: "One of the best trainers for kids. My son absolutely loves it and it goes with every outfit."

While not officially certified as vegan-friendly, brands that deserve a mention are Crocs and Converse to name a few. It's worth mentioning that not all of their shoes are labelled as suitable for vegans, so it would be best to check what the materials are made of before placing a purchase.

Things to consider when buying vegan kids shoes:

There's a few things you might want to keep in mind when you're buying vegan kids' shoes. Here's a guide to help you choose the best vegan kids' shoes that'll ensure your youngsters are comfortable, supported and stylish.

The occasion:

Are they for school, or are they for going on adventures in the great outdoors? Everyday shoes or Sunday best? Keep the reason you're buying the shoes clear in your mind and this will help to narrow down the best type of shoe to buy.

The size and fit:

According to Clarks, you should be measuring your children's shoe sizes every six weeks as their feet do a lot of growing during this stage. It's recommended to have a professional do this to get an accurate fit, but there are guides to measuring them at home, too.


It's vital that your kids' shoes are supportive of their feet, so they can run around and play safely without the added risk of slips, trips or falls. Start-Rite Shoes recommends getting supportive kids' shoes, as research has shown that "70 per cent of adults suffer from foot health problems and that the majority of these problems are the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes in childhood."


On that note, it's important that your kids' shoes are comfortable for them to wear. They shouldn't be too tight or too loose as this could cause rubbing, blisters or discomfort. After getting them measured consider if they have any requirements, such as wide feet. Additionally, if your child often gets pain in their feet, you'll want to get this checked by a podiatrist, as they might have flat feet, which they'll need specially fitted insoles for.


You'll want shoes that are made to last and can withstand any scrapes and bumps. You should be looking to replace your children's shoes regularly, depending on wear and fit.


Finally, you'll have to be wary of the materials of any vegan kids' shoes you're going to buy. Anything with leather, suede, felt or wool that's commonly used in shoes are not vegan. Alternatively, there are plenty of faux leather and faux suede shoes that mimic the material without being sourced from animals. Check out this list of vegan and non-vegan materials before making a purchase.

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