Mamas and Papas has its own Peaky Blinders baby range and it’s SERIOUSLY cute

Peaky blinders

by Jane McGuire |

By order of the Peaky Blinders, your baby should be seen in nothing less than a tweed three-piece suit and flat cap. But if you thought it might be tricky to kit your newborn out in Victorian era gear, think again, as Mamas and Papas have brought out a range which looks like it’s come straight from 1919 Birmingham.

We’ve handpicked our favourite pieces here:

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Tweed Mock Wasitcoat all-in-one, £25, Mamas and Papas

How Tommy Shelby is this little all in one? Featuring a tweed waistcoat, in-build bow tie and a button opening for easy changing, this 100% cotton suit is super cute. Available in sizes from newborn to 9-12 months.

Be right back, we’re just ordering the entire range!

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