River Island hires child models with disabilities for their new fashion campaign

by Jane McGuire |

Fashion brand River Island has hired child models for their latest campaign – all of whom have a disability. The campaign marks the high street chain’s 30th anniversary and the range of adverts is designed to celebrate diversity.

The children from across the UK are aged between two and eleven and have been diagnosed with conditions including Down’s Syndrome, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and eyesight issues.

The bright, colourful shots celebrate each of the child stars. Take a look at the campaign shots here:

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Mia Wenham

Three-year-old Mia has cerebal palsy and epilepsy and can't crawl, stand or walk. Her mother Liz said: 'She absolutely loved the River Island shoot, she had a ball and really enjoyed the attention She'd really like to do something like that again.'

A spokeswoman for River Island said: ‘This spring we are celebrating 30 years of River Island with an exciting, positive campaign #LAVELSAREFORCLOTHES, that celebrates individuality.

‘We are launching the kids campaign on 12 February with a carefully curated cast of kids, ranging from 2-11 years, all share their desire to have fun which you can see through their unique personalities.

‘The models were selected for the campaign to reflect the diversity of our customers and celebrate an ethos that rings as true in society as it does our wardrobes, that being different is more than OK.’

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