Toddler waterproof trousers for outdoor adventures

waterproof trousers

by Emily Thorpe |

We all know that little ones love spending hours time outside, but we also know that the unpredictable British weather can often result in rain. To prevent it from putting a dampener on your child having outdoor fun, toddler waterproof trousers are well worth picking up to ensure your tot stays warm and dry, meaning their splashing in puddles can go on as long as possible.

Don't forget to pick up some wellies and an umbrella too!

What to look for in toddler waterproof trousers

Durable water repellency coating (DWS): This means the trousers have been treated with a special coating to ensure they are waterproof rather than just showerproof. Any drops of water will run off.

Adjustability: Toddlers come in all shapes and sizes so it's helpful that their waterproof trousers can be adjusted for a better fit. This will also help them get more use out of the trousers as they grow up too.

Tapered or sealed seams: You don't want any water seeping through the seams of the trousers!

Stirrups: A great addition to prevent trouser legs from riding up but if your chosen trousers have stirrups, check they go over wellies, not inside.

Toddler waterproof trousers to buy

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