10 best toddler colouring books to help build skills and confidence


by Hannah James |

The modern world can be very chaotic, especially when you are only a few feet tall. From park trips and playdates to nursery rhymes and tablets, it can all be very exciting, buzzing, and busy. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a moment to enjoy a calm activity. Colouring is an effective way to combine fun and calm into your child’s day. It is a pastime that many of us can remember enjoying in our childhoods. Where many toys and activities haven’t stood the test of time, the simple toddler colouring books have prevailed and proved that simple can be the most effective.

What are the benefits of a toddler colouring book?

When toddlers are colouring, they build key skills that set them up for adult life. By holding a drawing tool like a pen or a crayon, your child is learning how to use the small muscles in their hand. When a child uses their brain to put pen to paper, this is called fine motor skills. The government explains developing fine motor skills helps children do things like eating, writing, manipulating objects, and getting dressed.

Colouring is also a fantastic way of boosting your little one’s confidence. Nothing will make your child happier than when they can proudly hold up their finished picture. It can be difficult for young children to stay inside the lines; therefore, it’s a good idea to find an age-appropriate colouring book but a theme that will keep them engaged. Often this will also be a great way to spark conversations and develop your child’s concertation skills.

Adult colouring books have grown in popularity over the last decade because of their therapeutic properties, these benefits are true of toddler colouring books, too. Colouring can be a fantastic way to calm anxiety and promote positive mental well-being. Colouring allows the brain time to process in a quiet and calm environment. Some studies have shown that it has similar effects on the brain as meditating.

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