The best kids tennis rackets 2021

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Every year millions of us tune in to watch Wimbledon but tennis doesn't just make great TV - it can be hugely beneficial to your child too.

As well as of course being lots of fun, tennis uses the entire body and helps boost the development of muscular body strength. It also strengthens hand-eye coordination, flexibility, balance, and fine motor skills. And the good thing is, your little one can start enjoying tennis from as young as three years old.

What size tennis racquet should I buy for my child?

The easiest way to choose the correct tennis racket size for your child when they are not yet ready to use a full-sized racket is to pick a racket based on their age. For example:

  • 17 inch - Age range around 3-4 years old

  • 19 inch - Age range around 4-5 years old

  • 21 inch - Age range around 5-8 years old

  • 23 inch - Age range around 8-9 years old

  • 25 inch - Age range around 10-12 years old

Wilson Tennis Camps also recommend the following method to find the right-sized racket is based on size rather than age, which may be useful if your youngster is taller or smaller than other children their age.

  1. Have your child stand up straight

  2. Stand the racket — handle upwards — next to their foot on their playing side (e.g. right foot if they’re right-handed)

  3. Your child should be able to comfortably hold the tip of the handle with their fingers (no leaning over or stretching)

The best kids tennis rackets

Kids Tennis Racquet

Kids Tennis Racquet

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Suitable for tennis beginners or starters, this kids tennis racket will help your child develop tennis skills more effectively. The set includes two high-quality rackets and two balls so the fun can start straight away.

Dimensions: 43x21x4.5cm

Weight: 260g

Review: "I've bought this one for me and my daughter can play together whenever go to the park. It has a lovely design and a nice ball. It quite big with 5 years old hand but she can handle it after practice several times."

Wilson Minions 25' Tennis Racket Set

Wilson Minions 25u0026#039; Tennis Racket Set

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Who doesn't like the Minions? This fun kit includes a junior racket, backpack, and water bottle in a Minions-inspired design. The pre-strung racket includes a bumper guard along the top of the frame to help prevent damage to the surface edge. The backpack has two primary compartments: a partial racket compartment with locking zippers and an additional compartment that includes an internal zip pocket for smaller accessories.

Dimensions: ‎49.29x25.9x11.7cm

Weight: 165g

Review: "Excellent starter set for children wanting to give tennis a go, my children are 7 and 10, so probably slightly small, but more than suitable to get them hitting the ball and especially good value for money."

Wilson Kids US Open Tennis Racket

Wilson Kids US Open Tennis Racket

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Suitable for children up to five years old and up to 40 inches tall, the C-Beam construction of this racket adds stability while the AirLite alloy construction creates a lightweight frame which ensures power and durability.

Dimensions: 73x9x42cm

Weight: 99.22g

Review: "I wanted a racket for my daughter who is actually petite and is not very strong. I wanted a racket which she can use without being heavy. This Racket is perfect fit and very easy to use."

ZSIG Children's Mini Tennis Racket

ZSIG Childrenu0026#039;s Mini Tennis Racket

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This colourful racket is suitable for children who are 3-5 years old or are up to around 105 cms in height. It has O-beam construction, with an oversized head, in high grade aluminium, quality strings and comfortable PU grips, making is easy for little hands to hold.

Dimensions: 43x23x3cm

Weight: 140g

Review: "My nearly 2 year old nephew wanted to join in with my son playing tennis in the garden and this racket is perfect for him. My son has the next size up so knew this would be great for my nephew!"

Tennis Rackets Set with Ball

 Tennis Rackets Set with Ball

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If you're looking for something for young children to ease them gently into tennis, this is the set for you as it includes two foam rackets. Not only does it include tennis balls but a shuttlecock and ocean ball for fun in the water. The soft material wrapped handle and anti-slip design ensures the rackets are comfortable to use for kids while the portable net packaging makes it easy to take travelling.

Dimensions: 53.6x28.1x7.5cm

Weight: 240g

Review: "Lightweight and easy to handle rackets for little beginners."

Kids 17" Tennis Racket TR130

Kids 17u0026quot; Tennis Racket TR130

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This lightweight, easy-to-handle racket has three coloured markings on the handle to help children place their hands in the right position for forehands, backhands and serves. Several markings encourage proper play, including:

  • The yellow marking when hitting a forehand
  • The white marking when serving
  • The grey marking when hitting a backhand

Dimensions: 43cm length

Weight: 176g

Babolat Nadal Tennis Racket Juniors

Babolat Nadal Tennis Racket Juniors

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Ideal for your little one to take their skills to the next level, this tennis racket features a lightweight construction with a padded grip handle so budding Nadals can reach all those crucial shots with ease.

Weight: 245g

Review: "Bought for 4 year old tennis beginner, he absolutely loves this racket, light and small child friendly he can already smack the ball right over the net with it. Looks smart and stylish too, a bargain on Sportsdirect."

Wilson Slam Tennis Racket Juniors

Wilson Slam Tennis Racket Juniors

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Volcanic Frame Technology provides power and stability with this racket, while Stop Shock Pads reduce vibration, giving your youngster greater control as they play.

Weight: 220g

Review: "Great product for my 5 year old and looks the part."

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