Best toddler kitchen knives for your little chef

Best toddler cutting knives

by Hannah James |

Cooking is a basic life skill that we all must learn. Cooking your own home-cooked meals is a great way to ensure you are eating healthy and notorious food. But when do you teach our children to cook? Usually, children are most interested in what their parents are doing when they are toddlers. Everything is much more exciting when an adult is doing it, and that is the case when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Little hands often want to reach up with you and help prepare their meals. Toddler kitchen knives are a fantastic tool for enabling your little helper to become involved.

What are toddler cooking knives?

Toddler cooking knives have been specifically developed to ensure your child’s safety. Unlike adult knives, they are not sharp enough to cut little fingers but can easily guild through soft food. They mimic the style of traditional cutting knives, which help to make your child feel involved and practise their cutting skills safely.

What are the benefits of teaching a toddler to cook?

By using toddler kitchen knives and other utensils, you are creating a safe cooking environment for your tot. It is the perfect time to explain kitchen hazards in a safe and real-life setting. Learning to cook will teach your child a host of skills: from fine motor skills to time management, counting to cutting. Studies show that cooking from an early age creates a healthier relationship with food.

How to teach a toddler to cook safely:

  • Keep hot food and liquids away from your child

  • Use the further rings on a cooker

  • Keep the kitchen floor clear to avoid trips

  • Allocate them a clear working environment

  • Always supervise your child

  • Make sure only an appropriate adult uses hot appliances (for example an oven)

Best toddler kitchen knives:

Kinderkitchen Knife Set

Best metal set of toddler knives

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Crafted from Japanese stainless steel, the Kinderkitchen Knife Set is sharp enough to cut through fruit and vegetables but is not sharp enough to harm your child. Your child will love its dog design. The dog ears protect your child's fingers from slipping up the knife.

Review: "Lovely pair of knives designed with children in mind with cute designs. I had intended on saving them as part of a bigger ‘kitchen set’ gift for Christmas but decided to let my 3 1/2 year old use them straight away. She loves helping me prepare dinners and was excited that she had her own knives. We need a bit of practice as she’s a bit too delicate with them and was struggling to cut some foods, but I’m sure it will come with time"

Kids Knife, Joyoldelf 6 Pieces Kitchen Knife

Best toddler knives with protective gloves

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We love this six-piece set. Not only does it come with different coloured and sized toddler knives it also has protective gloves to prevent little fingers from being scratched. As a parent, it can be hard to allow your child the freedom to try new things. But, with this set of kitchen knives - you can rest assured that accidents are less likely to happen. Remember always supervise youngsters in the kitchen.

Review: "My children were driving me crazy wanting to help in the kitchen but I was worried they would cut themselves and saw this and thought it was a great idea to get them involved. They love joining in and chopping and they are very safe. No cuts or nicks at all. Knives come in different sizes . Nice lovely colours. Easily cleaned."

Wooden Kids Knife

Best wood toddler knife

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This wooden kid's knife has rounded corners which means there are no sharp edges. This cutting tool is perfect for slicing through food like cheese, bread as well as fruit and veg.

Review: "Very solid! Easy for my one year old to hold, not scared to let her help cut up her fruit with it! Easy to clean but air dry! Definitely recommend."

Jatidne Kids Knives

Best start up set of toddler knives
Jatidne Kids Knives

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Jatidne Kids Knives are made from nylon material knives with serrated edges to protect little fingers. These non-toxic knives come in three different colours and sizes.

Review: "Bought to use with my 2 year old son who now begs to help prepare every meal. Surprised at how well they cut through harder foods like raw carrots, cauliflower and even a whole watermelon, while still being safe for children. Definitely recommended."

Joyoldelf Kitchen Knives Child

Best toddler knives with a chopping board

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We love that this set of knives features non-slip handles, which can help your toddler to refine their cutting skills. This set comes with a cutting board so your little ones can have their very own kitchen equipment.

Review: "I bought this for my two year old grandson to use when he is helping me cook - he eats far better if he's helped make it. He loves having his own knives and chopping board, the knives really do cut food quite well but don't cut fingers at all - I tried! My son in law thought I was crazy giving a toddler knives, he tried to cut his hand but couldn't and had to admit they were a good buy! Recommended."

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