Mam 2in1 Single Breast Pump Review

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MAM 2in1 Single Pump
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The MAM 2in1 Single Pump offers mums the most flexible solution for expressing their milk. There is no need to choose between electric or manual pumping, with the MAM 2in1 Single Pump you can have both! All in one simple device! The electric pump device features stimulation and expression modes which mimic your baby's natural sucking behaviour and offers mums up to nine different suction strengths for optimum comfort. The sleek touchscreen technology is easy to use and the pump can be plugged in or used freely wherever mum chooses thanks to the rechargeable battery which lasts for 5 hours!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Samantha: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum because it is so versatile! Being able to switch so easily from electric to manual, not needing to put it in a steriliser and being able to take it out on the move is so convenient. I don’t know what I would do without this pump now. I love that I don’t have to sit near a power supply whilst I pump. The battery life is good, it lasts long enough to take it out for a full day and use multiple times without the battery running flat.

Rebeca: Having the option of using a manual or electric pump is fantastic and it’s not much fuss to alternate between the two. The instructions are clear to use, even in a sleep deprived state. There’s also a focus on cleaning and hygiene in the product information which put my paranoid mum brain at rest. The pump is also really comfortable to use and the two-mode settings allow you to get the milk flow started gently, but quickly.

Katie: I would recommend this as it’s stylish and it works quietly which is important for pumping in public. It has so many settings when it’s in the electric mode so is suitable for all sizes and shapes and it is so simple to change the mode from manual to electric.

How did this product make your life easier?

Yumnah: It makes my life easier because I am able to pump milk to be used for when I am not around, giving me some freedom and flexibility to focus on things other than childcare. It is so convenient to have some milk for when I am driving as someone can sit in the back with the baby and soothe her with a bottle as she hates the car seat. I am able to pump in silence which is a godsend for when I want to stay in the room and pump without waking my daughter. It allows me to pump much more quickly and less messily than hand expressing.

Charlotte: I found this pump to be very efficient. I could express the maximum amount in a fairly short period. The pump was quiet so I didn't disturb my son when he was sleeping. I have tried several different pumps and this one is definitely the most efficient of them all. It is the easiest to clean and sterilise, meaning that I could get this done quickly after each expressing session.

Naushaba: The digital face made the pump feel more current and the timer on the monitor is a really useful feature. It has a digital monitor with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which shows you how much charge is left and it allows you to express anywhere in the home without you being restricted to charging near a plug. This is impressive, as other pumps have the feature of allowing you to insert batteries into the monitor. If needed, it converts into a manual pump so having both pumps is handy if you are expressing regularly.

Would you choose this product to win?

Claire: I really liked this product and felt it was very easy to use. I loved the pumping unit design and I think this is what stands out for me in comparison with the other pump I have used. The timer and the easy switch to vacuum strength were great. The product is a very strong contender to win. Although I did think it was quite expensive.

Barbara: I never have enough time to express and often find the process time consuming and uncomfortable. I was able to express more milk than I had ever done with the pump I already owned. I found the manual pump easy to use and comfortable but it did take longer to express milk than the electric pump. The electric pump did make some noise but was much quieter than other electric pumps I have used so it felt more discreet and I could relax more easily. I like how you can pump straight into a bottle.

Eva: I really enjoyed using the MAM breastfeeding pump while travelling as the battery is so practical and the funnel was really comfortable. The MAM is much more expensive than my other pump which makes it difficult to say that this product should win. As well as this, the design of the pump is quite complex and difficult to clean.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: Availability of accessories - spare funnels/valves and milk storage solutions that attach directly to the pump would tailor the equipment to personal preferences as well as making life easier by reducing the frequency of needing to wash pump parts which saves precious time! The pump itself is excellent and the flexibility of having the manual pump option is great. Having the ability to purchase extra parts slightly more easily would make it perfect!

Samantha: If I could change one thing about this pump set I think I would love to see the option to buy differently sized cushions for the pump. A better fitting cushion to my nipple size would make a massive difference to the comfort whilst pumping and it would help to maximise the amount of milk pumped per session. If there was an option to plug in a second pump to make it a double pump whilst in electric mode then that would be amazing and cut the time pumping by half.

Rebecca: The stimulation mode is great but I personally didn’t feel the need for nine different suction settings. There’s also a pause in the pumping when you change speed, so this can happen quite often if you’re changing up to a higher setting or vice versa. I’d prefer a slightly simpler design with fewer suction settings so there’s less swapping between them.

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