Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle Review

from Dr Brown's
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Dr Brown's Natural Flow Bottle
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by Mother & Baby |

Comfortable to hold, this bottle has a wide neck to make cleaning easier and the super soft silicone teat has been designed to look and feel like a nipple to encourage babies to suck.

There is a clever anti-colic vent inside that prevents air mixing with the milk and causing wind. More fiddly to clean than others, but a must buy if your baby suffers from colic.

Tested by mum Kyra Hill, 26, from West Midlands, mum to Kian, two weeks old. She says:

‘This bottle really impressed me. The teat is super-soft and Kian latched on easily. It’s a bit difficult to clean and assemble. And if you shake the bottle to mix the formula, the pressure causes liquid to shoot up the valve. But Kian had less wind and was much happier.’