Juno Jack’s The Rita Breastfeeding Twinning Set Review

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Juno Jack's Breastfeeding Twinning Sets
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Juno Jack's The Rita Breastfeeding Twinning Set at a glance:

The rainbow twinning set has a flattering boat neck and t-shirt length sleeves. These tops are a wardrobe staple all year round and they complement every shape and size. Made from gorgeous soft cotton with a hidden double zip allowing you to breastfeed discreetly and comfortably for both you and your baby. The tops come with matching tops for your little one (minus the zip for breastfeeding).

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Terrianne: I was shocked how much this top has helped me while out and about for me to feed my baby the zip goes from one side to the other or just a little way across I was even brave enough to use this top on holiday and feed baby on the beach while my other children played couldn’t see anything at all one of the best breastfeeding tops I’ve owned.

Sophie: This breastfeeding top allows me to not have to pull my top when feeding my daughter and so this means that it is just much more convenient than having to pull up my top, also this means I can ensure I stay warmer when feeding my baby when she is upset wanting milk it is quicker to sort myself to feed my daughter.

Carine: The Rita Breastfeeding Friendly Twinning Set has made me wish that we had a whole wardrobe full of matching clothes! The shirts are great quality and really well made and the hidden zips across the boobs on the mummy shirt is easy to open. The fact that there are zips that can open from both sides is a handy touch or you can pull it all the way to the other side to have access to both. I love that I can wear a t-shirt and not need to totally undress in public. The fact that I'm wearing such a lovely shirt also made me feel more confident to feed in public which is such an important thing.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alice: I would recommend for ease of breastfeeding access and the eye-catching colourful design. As soon as I tried the t-shirt on I sent a picture to a friend who was keen to buy it. Sometimes feeding clothes can be a bit frumpy but this design is simple but fun. I imagine I will continue to wear it beyond nursing.

Magali: I thought the matching aspect of the t-shirts was cute which would make me recommend it. I also felt the access zips were both discreet but also very easy to use when feeding, while also being secure (no one wants to risk an accidental slip of clothing). The fabric felt thick and of good quality which was nice.

Taheera: I found the Rita Breastfeeding Friendly Twinning Set to be really stylish, comfortable and functional with the added benefit of me matching my daughter! The design works really well for breastfeeding mums where the zip opens across the chest on both sides and the zipper opening can open as big or as little as you like. As I have a larger chest, this worked perfectly for me. I would recommend this twinning set to fellow mums as a cute, special treat because of how well the top works as a nursing top and how cute the design is for both Mama and Baby (of any gender).

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: For breastfeeding tops yes, just because of the ease of it with the zip and the way that people don't notice that it does have a zip halfway down the top directly across your boobs, it is a very current pattern, and suitable for many people especially if they wanted to celebrate pride with the rainbows on both tops.

Nicki: I would happily purchase this product above the majority on the market as I feel the bi-lateral zip is a much better characteristic compared to other feeding t-shirts on the market. The zip is sturdy and doesn’t feel like it will come loose from the t-shirt through washing, and or lots of use. As a result, I would purchase this item myself in future.

Taheera: Absolutely. Without a doubt, I would choose this product above others in the market because primarily I loved the design of it. It is stylish, modern, young and fresh and suits me to a T! I liked this product so much, I would visit the retailer directly to purchase a second set. I would also choose this product above others in the market because it worked SO well as a nursing top, having never used another one before, that I could not fault the design in the slightest. I am especially impressed with the zipper as it is unlike other nursing tops on the market!

What changes would you make to this product?

Terrianne: I don’t really have anything in mind I would change about the top the only thing I might change is the colour as it’s white and white and children really don’t mix very well so that’s the only thing I can say I would change maybe to a different colour so mucky handprints can’t be seen on the top apart from this it’s perfect

Laura: The zips! As mentioned, these aren’t very discreet on the top. I think the designs could be worked on so that the opening for breastfeeding could be more discreet. The material was also quite close fitting and didn’t feel very breathable so I would also reconsider the material used for these tops!

Carine: I really love this product but if I were being really critical, I would really like it if the mummy top especially is a bit longer. Mums that have just had babies will normally still have a bit of a bump and so if the top is longer it just looks better with your shape and will hide your tum a bit better.

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