Kids’ food flasks to keep their meals warm

Child using kids food flask

by Emily Thorpe |

Kitchen cupboards can quickly fill up with items you don't really need, but one product we'd highly recommend when you're a parent is a kids' food flask.

If you're away from home with your little one, whether it's a long walk, car journey or a day out with the family, preparing and bringing along a kids' food flask means you can save both time and money as well as ensuring your tot enjoys a healthy, nourishing meal.

Plus when your child is a bit older and if they're not a fan of sandwiches, you can always pop the flask in their lunch bag for them to enjoy at nursery or school. Choosing a food flask designed especially for kids will enable them to use it comfortably without any trouble.

How does it work?

Most food flasks have a double-walled vacuum insulation inside which means they can retain the original temperature of the food that you put put in, whether that's hot or cold.

What can I put in a kids' food flask?

Most things! Here are a few ideas...


• Scrambled eggs









What to look for in a kids' food flask

Capacity: How much will you be looking to store in the food flask? Check the capacity to ensure you can fit what you want inside.

Heat retention: Consider how long you will want your food to stay hot or cold for and if you need it to retain the temperature for the whole day or just a few hours.

Material: You'll want to ensure your chosen kids' food flask is made from BPA, PVC and phthalate materials to ensure nothing bad gets leaked into your child's food.

Cutlery: Does the food flask come with cutlery included? Or is this something you'll need to remember to pack?

Leak-free lid: Nobody wants any leakages so it's important you feel confident that the lid fits the flask tightly. You should also check it's easy enough for your child to loosen and tighten.

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