Lansinoh 2in1 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

from Lansinoh
Lansinoh 2in1 Double Electric Breast Pump
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by Catriona Watson |

Lansinoh 2in1 double electric breast pump at a glance:

Lansinoh® 2in1 Double Electric Breast Pump is the ultimate choice for women who want comfort and flexibility, and the convenience of either single or double expression. Designed with enhanced adjustability, featuring 3 customizable pumping styles that can be tailored for you to maximise milk production, each pumping style has 8 suction levels for ultimate customisation. Our lightweight design also has a large LCD display to track suction and phase setting, our simple to use breast pump is also designed with a hygienic closed system, guaranteed against milk entering the tube.

How did this product make your life easier?

Janine: Nice looking, not too bulky or heavy and easy to carry around. Useful that you can pump directly into bottles or storage bags. It's quiet so can pump without disturbing others at night time. Has 2 phases for let down and for longer feeds to mimic baby suckling and can be used on one breast at a time or as a double pump. I found it was also quick to express both breasts in around 10 mins.

Jade: I feel If this pump has a strap or a way of securing so could be hands free it’d be the best item on the market. It’s fantastic quality and very quiet so wasn’t waking my baby like the single breast pump that I had previously. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. The only thing that letting it down was the having to try hold the pump on each breast I found it quite uncomfortable.

Danielle: This product has absolutely changed my life after previously using a single manual breast pump. I can pump in half the time now thanks to having a double breast pump and being able to utilise pumping both breasts at the same time, meaning I can spend more quality time with my baby instead of pumping for hours. When the pumps are in place and the vacuum between the breast and the pump has been established, this pump is also hands free for me meaning I can still get on and do things without having to use my hands to squeeze the pump. It is also great for mimicking the let down phase which is hard to do with a manual pump. After spending a couple of weeks trying to tailor the pumping style to suit me, I managed to also increase the amount of milk I pumped meaning I can now drop one pumping session a day thanks to the 3 different pumping styles the product has. The fact it can be used as a single or double is great too as it suits all situations.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jade: I would recommend this to a fellow mum because it’s very easy to set up and use. It’s very quiet so am able to use when sleeping baby is near me without disturbing her or waking her up. I also found the fact you could either use as a single or double pump and also the fact that if you wanted to you could take this in the bag provided and use when out and about as can be mains powered or battery powered.

Abby: I would recommend this product highly to a fellow mum, due to it's design being clear and understandable and it is so easy to use - it is easy to transport when out and about and I find this would make it a must have for mums that need to pump and store milk for their little ones. Something that is very important to me is comfort and I can say that Lansinoh really has taken this into consideration, the breast pump is comfortable on the breast/s and the suction and pumping style settings tailor to different mum's. I think it would support various mum's with different let down's and expression needs.

Jennifer: I would recommend this pump to other mums just simply as I was so surprised at how much milk I got. I have always hated pumping. I have fed my four year old and now my 8 week old. I never usually can pump much and generally get fustrated and give up. This pump is quick, effective, quiet, easy to carry around in my bag and seems of really good quality.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Danielle: I would definitely buy this product due to the fact it is a high quality and amazing product that is worth every penny. Breastfeeding can be the hardest journey to go through without the right support and products but I believe this is a lifesaver. I don’t think I would have fed my daughter breast milk for this long without this tool. I think it should win because it has thought about every detail to make pumping easy and offers everything. It has more styles and phases than other pumps so that you can really tailor it to make your perfect pumping style, meaning that pumping is easier and more effective. The design of the product is lovely and I love the fact the product comes with 2 different sized cups to suit bigger and smaller boobs, as we know boobs come in so many different sizes. This is something I haven’t seen other pumps do and I think it’s such an easy way to include everybody.

Jennifer: I would choose this pump over others as it really lives up to its name, and the associated quality I would have had with it. I previously had a Tommy tippee manual pump which seemed a little basic and of lower quality. This one seems of much better quality and seems like it would last and would hold its resale price.

Hollie: I have tried a few different pumps on the market and I always love some aspects and dislike.others, its difficult to find one that has all the design features that you love, but this pump comes very close to perfect, If this one broke I would buy this again as I have so easy and convenient to use, I think the ease of cleaning and the lcd screen and timer is what makes this best as with two children time is something that I find difficult to find,and its easy to forget how long I have been pumping for.i absolutely think this should win an award.the one thing I miss from others is having a good bag for it to go in whilst transporting. The pump is comfortable to use and so far I have had any painful experiences like I have with other pumps.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chloe: I would say if anything could be changed would be that the product would come with a strap of some sort so that you weren’t tied to having to hold the bottles whilst expressing. When you have a baby free hands are essential. Other than that i wouldn’t change a thing about this product I think it has been thought through extremely well.

Hollie: If I could change anything it would be the fact it hasn't got a carry case as its quite a steep price to pay. But it is definitely an amazing pump that allows you to have some of your life back. Would also be good to maybe get some cream with it as a trial as I know alot of first time mums dony know about this amazing product that really helps relieve and pain and chopping after pumping or breast feeding.

Amy: The noise of the pump is slightly loud if the unit is on a hard surface. I tried it a few times on a coffee table but when I moved it to the arm rest of my sofa it was much better. This isn’t a major issue for me, but I imagine mums taking it to work to use may feel a bit uncomfortable. It also uses a lot of batteries if not connected to the mains, which don’t seem to last long!

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