MAM 2 in 1 single breast pump Review

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MAM 2 in 1 Single Breast Pump
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

MAM 2 in 1 single breast pump at a glance:

The MAM 2in1 Single Pump offers mums the most flexible solution for expressing their milk. Offering both electric and manual pumping, the device features stimulation and expression modes which mimic baby's natural sucking behaviour and offers mums up to 9 different suction strengths for optimum comfort. With easy to use touch-screen technology, the pump can be plugged in or used freely wherever mum chooses thanks to the rechargeable battery. Compatible with MAM's full range of Easy Start bottles and Food Storage pots which attach directly to the bottom of the pump, mums can then store their milk for later use.

How did this product make your life easier?

Georgina: Having a breast pump has given me flexibility as a mum and allowed me to have a much needed post lockdown haircut. This product is great as it’s 2 in 1 nature gives me the option to manually express on the go as the kit is more transportable. The self sterilising bottles are also great for on the go.

Catherine: The fact that it comes with 2 modes of expression- both manual and electric- is really handy. The manual pump means you can do more discrete pumping on the go. Also, it comes with a rechargeable battery meaning you don't have to be sat next to the plug whilst using the electric mode. It comes with handy bottles and storage cups. It is also relatively easy to clean.

Vashti: Oh my days, I have only ever used a manual pump before and I am never going back after using this! As a mum of two there are times I need to pump to leave baby with someone to give my older child some one on one, for example, but pumping is time consuming and this worked SO quickly, I couldn't believe it at first. The power back can be battery operated (no faffing adding batteries either, it's rechargeable) and in 15 minutes of sitting on the floor doing puzzles with the 3yo and this on one boob while baby napped, I got 100ml. It is easy to take apart, and if for some reason you can't use the electric option, it easily converts to a manual. It is intuitive, and when you're exhausted or multitasking you need things to be as intuitive as possible.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Vashti: It is light, it is quiet, it is easy to pull apart and put together, easy to clean, it is comfortable, it has a range of different strengths and a setting to convert it between a 'let down suck' and a long feeding suck, it can convert to a manual and most of all it is effective. I'd recommend this over a standard Tommee Tippee any day. Short of the hospital grade ones, this has to be the most effective one I've ever seen or heard of.

Anna: I would recommend this product due to its great small compact design, because it’s easy to use and isn’t time consuming. The product it’s self charges very fast and the battery life will last me pretty much the whole day without recharging. I have found it easy to clean/ sterilise and even better that it pumps straight into the MAM bottles I already use.

Jemma: I would recommend this product to a friend. It is an effective product from a brand with a good reputation. It was comfortable to use and it provided a relatively consistent amount of milk. It was easy to clean and the self-sterilising bottles are a big winner for me. I loved the rechargeable battery, as for me pumping is definitely something that should be done on the go - especially with a toddler in tow! It is very portable. It switched very easily from electric to manual, although I rarely used this feature. I can see how the manual pump would be really useful to quickly relieve a bit of pressure overnight, or when out and about. The funnel worked well for me, although I would warn friends that this could be issue, as if the one-size funnel does not fit, it could cause some pain or a less effective pumping experience.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Anna: So far in my breastfeeding journey of 10 weeks I have used this MAM pump, the double medela, as well as Bella baby electric but and this is by far my favourite. I think this product is easy to use, touch screen, smart looking and compact. I only wish that it was a double pump so that I could empty both boobs in one sitting.

Jenette: If I were looking for a product to buy I probably wouldn’t choose this as it is a bit too pricey compared to other similar pumps on the market, however it’s true you get what you pay for and I believe this is probably the best pump available, better than any I have used before. The quality of the materials is fantastic. The suction is amazing with loads of different settings and it looks nice. It is very easy to use, the switch from manual to electric is simple and it comes apart for easy cleaning and sterilising. The instructions and diagrams are easy to follow too.

Sarah: I would chose this product, mainly because it’s easy to switch between the manual and the electrical settings. Many mums find that sometimes electric is easier and sometimes manual is easier, and this pump lets you chose between the two. It’s also easy to clean and sterilise and it doesn’t have too many parts.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jenette: If I could change one think about this product it would probably be the packaging. I would like to see less plastic used in the box. Also it would be nice if perhaps breast milk storage bags were included too. They are much easier to use when storing in the freezer. This is just being picky though, because I found it hard to find fault with this pump. I loved it!

Georgina: The only thing I could think about changing would be for the storage containers to be able to screw directly onto the pump rather than having to pump into the feeding bottles and then decanting the milk. This would save times and unnecessary washing up of the bottles. The instructions are clear and easy to use and it’s easy to clean.

Catherine: I do find the assembly of the product a little confusing and time consuming, there are a number of parts to put together after sterilising. The instructions could be clearer and it would be handy if there were less steps involved in putting it together. But I think this will get easier over time, the more I do it!

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