MAM Easy Start Bottle Set Review

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MAM Easy Start Bottle Set
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

MAM Easy Start Bottle Set at a glance:

The bottle set that grows with your baby. This newborn set includes four 160ml Easy Start bottles and the components to make four 260ml bottles. As your baby grows, a newborn soother, handles and spout provide you with all a new parent could need, and make it easy to turn your bottles into a cup later on. The bottles are the perfect companion for the changing dynamics of every day baby life; featuring a SkinSoft™ silicone teat, which feels just like mum; a ventilated base, designed to reduce colic; and a unique self-sterilising feature, ideal for parents on the go!

How did this product make your life easier?

Amelia: This product made my life easy as it enabled me to use it as and when I needed, the bottles were comfortable so it was great for the baby and it was easy to wash also. This has made bedtime and feeding routine easy and it's been great to take away too. It's definitely a product I will use a lot.

Jo: I love that this product helps babies with colic with the vented base at the bottom to minimize air intake. I also like that the lid doubles up as a measuring lid which in the early stages as a Mum helps you know how much Milk your baby is having. In addition I like the fact that you can take apart each part of the bottle easily making cleaning each item thoroughly is now a breeze and Mums like myself can be rest assured that the bottle is thoroughly clean ready for the next use.

Stacey: This product makes my life easier as a mum because these bottles are honestly the Rolls Royce of bottles. My sons wind has unbelievably reduced so much by using these that I have been able to take him off of infacol which he was on to help with wind. These have saved me time, money and some would say my sanity.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jo: I would recommend these bottles to another mum because even when you have used the bottles, you can quickly dismantle the bottles, clean them and then sterilize them in a microwave very easily with their self sterilizing design feature which makes it so much easier when you are transporting the bottles, especially when you are out for the day etc. This is brilliant for me who is a very careful when it comes to hygiene.

Antonya: The Mam bottles come in super cute designs and are really easy to hold, especially for young siblings who may want to have a turn feeding their baby brother/Sister. Due to the fact the Mam bottles are self sterilising, they are really easy to transport to family members houses or friends, as as-long as they have a microwave you will always have a clean bottle.

Chloe: Yes, definitely! They have helped my baby a lot. The teat sizes 1,2 and 3 seem a lot more suitable as they go up in increments (Birth, 2 months+ and 4 months +).I think is better than other known brands which go 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 as I believe they transition a lot in terms of drinking habits from 0-3 months, so the change in teat size from 2 months + worked really well for my daughter. The self-sterilising element is really easy for ensuring you have a bottle on the go and the handle which you can add on is a nice addition when your baby is older.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stacey: I would 100% choose this product over any other in the market and wouldn't use another kind of bottle for baby now. I struggled to get my baby to accept a dummy but the one that was included with the bottles, he took to it no problem and that has helped to settle him at night which is a massive help. The quality is second to none.

Toni: I know a lot of mums that use and swear by these bottles so I was disappointed that my experience was not as positive as I would have liked. I do think that there's just too much going on with them. My current bottles consist of bottle, cap, teat, lid. The MAM bottles add to that the bottom cap and silicone seal. They're also longer than my current bottles. I use a cold steriliser and it struggled to hold a day's worth (six) of bottles. I admit that I'm the kind of mum that likes to have a minimal amount of "bits" to deal with and these bottles don't work well with that mindset.

Hannah: These bottles are unique with the vented base and option to self sterilise and this really sets them apart from their competitors. The set also comes with a soother, bottle handle and a soft teat, so it really does cover so much and is great as a starter set of bottles for new mums. There are 2 sizes of bottles and different size teats so they also grow with your baby which is great.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: The one thing I would change about the product is reducing the number of parts there are to clean and assemble each time, although I appreciate these are necessary in order to aid the anti colic qualities and self sterilising. There are six parts to assemble for each bottle. I think if MAM could achieve this then it would be even better than they are already! Given that the bottle comes apart it does make it easy to ensure that everything is perfectly clean before sterilising and no small gaps that are hard to reach.

Chloe: Once a baby gets below the 2oz mark of milk, you are unable to determine how much is left. I would change the colour of the bottom piece of the bottle to clear (with markers) instead of grey so you can monitor the milk remaining. I believe this is important for mums who wish to keep an accurate track of milk intake especially if their baby requires weight gain.

Antonya: I would purely ask for a few more designs when purchasing. I love the little animal designs and the colours however i feel that some brighter colours would set them apart from a competition. I like everything matching and have a red kitchen. Some lovely red bottles would look so nice and i assume would be popular as the bottles are currently quite neutral.

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