Medela Swing Flex premium edition review Review

from Medela
Medela Swing Flex premium edition
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

Medela Swing Flex premium edition at a glance:

Introducing the Medela Swing Flex™ Premium, the iconic Swing breast pump with brand-new technology that is not only clinically proven to get 11% more milk, it promises to be even more comfortable. This is the ultimate kit, including all the extras needed to get pumping underway.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lucy: Fantastic breast pump. There aren't many components to it, making it really simple assemble and use. The instructions make it seem daunting to use initially, but after a few uses, I found my stride and literally into the 'swing' of things! Love the stand for the bottle which is great to prevent knocking over the precious stuff!

Niamh: I have just had my second baby and am currently breastfeeding, we had a really hard time at the beginning which meant I needed to express to top up. Having the Medela swing was a life saver, it was so easy to wash and sterelize (with the microwave bag provided) aswell as easy to set up. All the accessories were sterelized in 5 minutes and ready to use. I found it easy to use alongside holding and caring for baby too.

Alexandra: I exclusively breastfed my son so right now I don't need huge amounts of milk stored as most of it is direct. What I need is something that adapts to my needs, I can quickly and easily use and neatly store away. This would be suitable for people expressing full time, at work, or for those wanting to pump the odd bit of milk here and there. Its a great convenient product.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Niamh: I would definitely reccomend this product to other mums. I loved how easy it is to use and the fact you can use it either plugged into the wall or with batteries. This versatility allowed me to pump when out and about when I needed too. I feel the design accommodates you only needing one hand to use and is really easy to keep clean. I love that it has a stimulating mode and then automatically moves into the expressing mode, this reduced any pain and really encourages a good flow of milk at a comfortable pace. You can also adjust the suction strength throughout.

Alexandra: I would recommend this product. The fact it came with two different shaped breast shields meant it fit comfortably to almost all breast sizes, so if your breast were full of milk you may need the bigger one and if not so full the smaller one, the fact it was so easy to put together and clean is also a big bonus. Being battery and mains operated meant I can take it with me where ever I go and don’t need to worry about finding a power source.

Faye: I would recommend this product to other breastfeeding mums who need to pump because its really easy to use, quick to set up and quick to clean! This pump is really effective and helps me pump enough milk in a short amount of time without making me sore or uncomfortable. I love the microwave sterilisation bags, they are so simple and easy to use and don't take up lots of space.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebecca: Yes I think this product should win above others on the market. The Medela pump is very kind on your breasts. The breast shields allow for a comfortable and bespoke fit to each breast, which I found vital, enabling me to carry out expressing and providing my baby with my breastmilk after receiving a nipple injury after using a different breastpump prior to using the Medela pump. This pump allowed me to have easy use over the settings so I could build up the strength of the pump over time and once my nipple area had healed.

Naomi: I would choose this above any other product on the market. I Iove the design and ease of use. The pump is very effective with a strong suction which others don’t compare. The different settings from triggering let down and expressing milk are a great advantage to mimic your baby feeding. The two sizes of milk collection pots are great and they come with lids for storage.

Niamh: Yes I would choose this product above others on the market. I think the main thing to stand out is the practicality of it at home and when out. It comes with all the accessories and a guide full with all the information you could need. I do think this product should win as it is clear they really think about us mums and what we need when designing it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ellis: If I was to change one thing about this product it would be that when you're pumping you don’t actually know what setting speed your on. You just press and it gets quicker or goes back to being slow. It could maybe do with a display screen or light so you know what speed your on. Other than that I wouldn’t change anything as its so comfortable and so easy to use. Great price and comes with everything you need to get going.

Lucy: I'm not really sure why the milk leaks if you leave the components attached and don't disassemble straight after pumping, it only happened the once as I made sure I didn't leave it again, but if that could be fixed then this would be the perfect breast pump. This is the only thing that needs looking at really.

Faye: The one thing that would make this product better would be if it was possible to charge it/power it via a usb charger like other pumps can. This would make it easier to be able to use on the go, when for instance you unexpectedly need to pump when in the car and you haven't got batteries or they are flat (this actually happened to me!)

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