Milton Sterilising Tablets Review

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Milton Sterilising Tablets
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Milton Sterilising Tablets at a glance:

Practical and portable: Milton Sterilising Tablets are ideal to use when travelling. Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs (bacteria, fungi and viruses), you can rest assured that by using the Milton Method, baby’s feeding equipment is sterile and germ-free. Easy to use, made up with regular tap water, items are sterilised in just 15 minutes and stay sterile in the solution for 24 hours – meaning you can sterilise baby’s feeding equipment again and again.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma Chapman says: Instead of having multiple cleaning products I found this not only to be versatile but saves me a lot of time and effort it’s made my life so much easier and quicker by it only being one product for multiple uses and I know that everything it touches will be clean and sterilised in an instant.

Victoria Clark says: I normally use an electric steriliser so this was far easier and more conveinent. You dont need to load up the steriliser, clean, descale, it's so much easier to just fill the tub with water and leave the bottles. It's also great value for money, I love that you dont need to rinse after use and that the bottles say sterile for 24 hours.

Samantha Collier says: These tablets are a quick and easy way of being confident that the product has been cleaned to a high standard. The tablets are qucik to dissolve in the water and once the product has been removed it is ready to go and doesn't need to be washed. These products do make life much easier and also leave me as mum feeling more confident that toys and products have been cleaned thoroughly. These can not only be used on children's bits but also adults and really many things around the house saving time on cleaning and more time for playing.

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Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Zoe-Anne Woodward says: I would recommend the Milton sterilising tablets to a friend/other mums as they are easy to use and leave you knowing that your baby’s bottles are clean and safe for your baby, using a brand that you can trust. Another reason I would recommend them is because you can use them to clean down surfaces and toys, they are not just for bottles.

Hannah Wright says: I’d recommend the tablets as they are easy to use and can be used on lots of different products so can be the only sterilising method used if desired. The method itself is very easy and simple to use without requiring boiling any water which is a plus. The price point sounds reasonable given the number of tablets in the package.

Lisa Wylie says: Yes definitely. I recommended it to friends that don’t even have babies, can be used for general everyday use. The container the tablets were in was a great size as it wasn’t a waste of packaging. So easy to rip the packaging to get to the tablet. The tablet has a precut indent so you can half or quarter a tablet.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Harriet Wykez says: I wouldn’t choose the Milton Sterilising Tablets over other sterilising products. I prefer to use the machine I have but I would And do have a box at home for emergencies. Worth the money as you get loads in the box and they last ages which is always a plus for a working mum.

Lauren Wright says: The price of this product is great for how many uses you get and it’s so easy to use. I’ve previously used steam sterilisers which need regular descaling and microwave sterilisers that are bulky and need to be stored somewhere. The packaging of these is easy to store and it couldn’t be easier to make up the solution. They’re also great for travelling and could be used in a hotel sink etc to save space.

Emma Chapman says: Yes with the covid situation I’m more panicky and aware of germs and how they spread and I love the fact this is literally a magic pill that can be used in different ways and sterilise multiple things from high chair to bottles even my babies mat I fee more confident I’m doing everything I can to be hygienic.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah Wright says: I would make the time taken quicker, as in some cases 15 minutes is too long and would make me use my alternative sterilisation method instead. I would also improve the packaging as ripping the tablets individually into they’re individual unit is tricky particularly with wet hands. Lastly, the instructions mention using a unit with 5L of water and closing a lid, I find measuring the water tedious and I don’t have another unit with a lid to use I just put in the sink but am not sure if this is ok or not for the product to work.

Samantha Collier says: The product is great as it is, I don't think I would change anything, if pushed to have to give an answer to this question I would maybe suggest a different size of tablet for different amount of water. But honestly these products can be used for both adult and children and for all types of everything you find around the house and give you the confidence that the product is clean and safe for the baby, especially mine at this where everything is ending up in his mouth.

Zoe-Anne Woodward says: The one thing I would change about the Milton sterilising tablets would be the packaging. They come in a cardboard box which if a baby/toddler/child got hold of they would very easily be able to get into the tablets, maybe a click clack packaging would be better just for safety around children. Apart from that I would not change anything to do with the tablets themselves.

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