Mothercare Innosense Electric Steam Steriliser Review

from Mothercare
RRP £49.99
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by Mother & Baby |

Mothercare’s Innosense Electric Steam Steriliser is a space-saving design that’s perfect for home use. It takes up very little space on a counter surface but has a large capacity, fitting six to eight bottles (depending on size) plus bits and pieces at maximum volume. The steriliser is also quick and easy to load as the bottles can go in any which way.

The removable power cable is a fabulous idea and it takes only seven minutes to sterilise a load, which is great when you've forgotten to get bottles ready or when you’re in a rush. There is likely to be some water residue on work surfaces when you remove the baskets but not enough to be a problem. It keeps bottles sterile for 24 hours.

The picture instructions are simple and the ‘light system’ is great – turning from red (hot!) to blue (cooling) and then to green (safe!) over the course of one washing cycle. The ‘easy grip’ handles are also a nifty feature.

The product could do with a ‘beep’ or some sort of noise to indicate the end of a cycle. Not only that; hard water seems to cause excess limescale build-up but overall, a well-priced product that is both convenient and efficient – good value for money!

Product Information

  • Space saving design

  • Designed for minimum, medium and maximum loads

  • Stackable for easy storage

  • Fits neatly on work spaces

  • Easy to keep clean removable base

  • No fuss loading - bottles fit in any way

  • Fits any 6 bottles, or breast pump, accessories and weaning equipment

  • Sterilises in 7 minutes and can stay sterile for 24 hours if the lid is not removed

  • Simple three-colour light system shows sterilising, cooling and cycle complete

  • Slim-fit lid becomes sterile preparation surface

  • Easy to grip handles prevent contact with hot unit

  • Removable power cable for safe filling and cleaning

  • One touch switch on

  • Automatic switch off

  • Includes 150ml/5oz bottle, silicone tongs, bottle brush

  • BPA free.

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