Munchkin Steam Guard Rapid Electric Steriliser Review

from Munchkin
RRP £30
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by Thought Thought |

Munchkin’s Steam Guard Rapid Electric Steriliser is easy to use, easy to assemble and doesn’t take up too much space (although it is bigger than some other sterilisers). It accommodates bottles of different sizes (even breast pumps) and has a large capacity, plus an adjustable tray. The sterilisation cycle is quick (6 minutes) and the product has a removable power cord, which is convenient when emptying water.

It does, however, create a lot of steam – leaving walls and surfaces not just damp but wet! The unit itself also gets very hot (so make sure it’s nowhere where little hands can reach) although it does have a steam guard and heat sensitive handles.

The descaler on the water filler is a nifty addition and the included instructions are clear and simple to follow.

It’s a good-looking product; not something you would take on holiday with you (it’s a bit too big) but effective and fairly priced.

Product Information

  • Large capacity baby bottle steriliser with natural steam cleaning power

  • Effective and efficient cleaning- sterilises bottles, teats, soothers and pump parts in just 6 minutes

  • Holds up to 9 bottles and feeding accessories at once

  • Compatible with all bottle types

  • Helps prevent steam burns with heat-resistant handle and tongs

  • Tabs lock upward to prevent accidental opening.