Nuby Natural Touch Easy Latch Anti Colic Bottles Review

from Nûby
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Nuby’s Natural Touch Easy Latch Anti-Colic Bottles have been designed to help make combining breast and bottle feeding a natural, easy and stress-free experience for both mum and baby. The Easy Latch SoftFlex silicone teat looks and feels like a mother's breast. The natural flex, stretch and motion mimics a baby’s instinctive feeding action and allows your baby to position the nipple correctly. With three unique advanced anti-colic valves to reduce air intake, to prevent painful colic and gas and to provide a continuous, contented feed.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Payal: Yes! They are cheaper and more inventive in terms of technology for promoting both breast and bottle feeding. The teats were brilliant for my 'refluxy' baby who liked a slower flow of milk and regular burping. I found them easy to clean either in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher which is brilliantly time-saving.

Barbara: Yes I would recommend this product particularly because it is easy to clean, sterilize and assemble while still being good value for money. They have a clean, slick and modern design. My baby latched onto the teat well on the first attempt whereas when using other bottles he simply refused to latch on. The teat is soft and flexible.

Hannah: These bottles are great for interchanging between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. This has allowed me to ensure my baby will always take a bottle but also keeps me sane knowing that I can leave him for short periods. I would definitely recommend these bottles, particularly to a breastfeeding mum who would like a bottle to give every now and then.

How did this product make your life easier?

Fay: These bottles are lovely. They have a nice design, are easy to use and easy to sterilise. They fit into most sterilising units which is a bonus as you don't need to purchase another steriliser. They are very durable and none of the writing has faded since using them. Washing them is easy and with a bottle brush, you can get into all the corners.

Laura: The bottles were easy to take apart, clean, sterilize and assemble. This is always useful when your baby is having lots of feeds in a day, particularly when cluster feeding. Clear instructions are included with the bottles so there is no confusion over cleaning methods. The bottles fit easily in a bottle bag and are a nice shape for your baby.

Vicky: Unlike other bottles that we have used previously, these have three 'vents' which made feeding a lot easier. We didn't have to constantly worry about where the vents were and did not have to check and change the bottle position every time our little girl wriggled. It was surprising how much time we saved by not having to worry about them.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: For its transportability, air intake reduction and design I think these are a winner. The one teat was too slow for my little one, and thus I think a variflow teat should be considered. I didn't see any indication of teat size on the teat itself which would be confusing when moving up a size.

Samantha: I think this product should have a good shot at winning. I don't know if there's anything that makes it really stand out from other brands apart from the fact my fussy baby will drink from it when she has turned her nose up at others.

Billie: Yes I would definitely choose this bottle above all others on the market. What makes it really stand out is the simplicity of it and the comfort of holding it. I definitely think this bottle should win as it is fantastic and really worked for my daughters colic! This is an all-around great bottle.

What changes would you make to this product?

Payal: I think it would be great to have larger packs of bottles. Most babies drink more than four bottles of milk which means that regular washing up was required. Apart from that, this is a brilliant product.

Barbara: The scale to measure volume quantities could be improved. I had to look very carefully at the scale as it is in a small font size and the grey ink colour made it difficult to see. It is very easy to make a mistake when measuring water, especially as a sleep-deprived mum!

Hannah: I think the plastic that the bottle is made from feels thin and too flexible. Whilst this hasn't actually posed any problems for me, I would prefer the plastic to be a little more robust and solid feeling. This would make the bottle feel more premium and high-quality.

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