Nuby Ultimate Double Breast Pump Review

from Nûby
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The timer feature on this Nuby breast pump is super handy when it comes to timing how long you’ve been expressing. Our panel of mum testers loves the range of settings available as it made the experience more personal, allowing you to choose your own speed and the strength of suction. The silicone is soft and comfortable and there’s a super long lead, meaning you don’t have to fix yourself next to a plug. Cleaning can be time-consuming as there’s a number of different parts to disassemble.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: This breast pump makes my life so much easier because it has helped me build up my milk supply. As a new mum, it has helped me get into expressing milk without any pain or worry. It is so easy to use and comfortable. I love that it is a double pump so I don't get any leakage from one breast while pumping the other. I can collect milk from both at the same time to save time and it means that my husband can feed the baby if need be which takes the pressure off me should I be feeling unwell or have to go anywhere.

Joanna-Bella: This pump is amazing, it drains the breast so easily and quietly, feeding on one side and pumping the other and baby doesn't even flinch because it's so quiet. I can get a good amount of milk out from both breasts or just one side. The design is very easy to use, the large led touch screen is simple, sleek and not bright for them middle of the night pumping sessions. Flipping between double and single-mode doesn't take much effort. The flanges are very comfortable and don't cause any friction, another huge bonus for a regular pumping mum.

Katrina: The Nuby double electric breast pump is a great piece of kit for the breastfeeding mum. It is really useful to be able to pump from both sides at the same time to maximise efficiency when pumping. I like that the touch screen makes it really easy to use and alter the settings when pumping. It also has a great range of strengths so that you can adjust it to suit you.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Julie: I would recommend this prompted a friend as the main pump to be used at home. However I don’t think it is as good for travel as a manual breast pump due to the extra parts that come with it. This pump is a really good quality and well designed for use at home to extract as much milk as possible at the best time. I liked how easy the control pad was to ease and quickly got to grips with it.

Rachael: I would definitely recommend this product. The fact that it can be charged up is great as it means you are not attached to another cable. As it has fewer parts than other breast pumps it makes it easier to put together and easier to clean which is ideal when super busy. I also found it much quieter than other breast pumps which my husband was relieved about!

Clare: Yes, I would recommend this product to other mums who are breastfeeding as I have found it easy to use, easy to set up and much more comfortable than other pumps that I have used in the past. The actual breast shield itself feels much softer. It is also very quiet. It can also be battery operated or mains operated which is handy if you need to move around. I also found that it was helpful that the connectors did not need to be sterilised and only the sections of the pump that have been in contact with the breast or milk.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katy: I loved the wireless option so that I did not have to be sat beside a plug at all times. I also really found the 30-minute countdown on the screen very useful so I knew exactly how long I had been pumping. I found adjusting speed etc very straightforward. I also loved how quiet it is, my first pump was so noisy that I would have to turn the tv up! This one is far less noticeable and therefore less annoying!

Sarah: Yes I would choose this compared to others on the market, I think this nuby double breast pump should win the award, Because its a great product its effortless to use, so quick and easy at a push of a button its nicely designed, easy to clean, easy to put out of the way when not in use, doesn't take to much space, I am certainly recommending to all my mum friends already, it looks stylish as well which is what people like aswell.

Cate: This is a good product however unfortunately as my daughter was born prematurely I have extensive experience of Medela and Ardo breast pumps, and I feel they are better. Ignoring the actual pump because they were hospital-grade, my biggest issue with this pump is that the equipment such as the funnel etc is too bulky, it doesn’t look particularly slick and takes up a lot of space. The actual electronic part is lovely and slick, I like the timer etc, but it is let down by the actual equipment it connects to.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: The only thing I would perhaps change but it isn't an issue is that it could do with a way to hold up or attach the bottles and pumps to the breasts so that you wouldn't have to hold them up the whole time. However I am not sure how comfortable or practical this would be so it is not necessarily a good option and in spite of this, I still absolutely this product and cannot fault it.

Rachael: I think this product is great and can’t think of much which needs to be changed to make it a better product. The only thing that Nuby could do would be to add a storage bag into the box to make it easier to store/transport the pump as I have this for another pump and it works well-keeping everything nicely together.

Joanna-Bella: The only huge downside and that would make this pump the best around, is limiting the number of parts needed for assembly. Having to remember the suction disk, neck to attach the bottle to flange, tubing if needing to swap between single and double, is a pain, especially with all the bits a baby needs for a small trip out of the house. I have to chuck it all in a separate bag to my normal nappy bag and attach it to that and I have forgotten bits on the draining board or the whole bag.