Philips single electric breast pump Review

from Philips
Philips Single Electric Breast Pump
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

Philips single electric breast pump at a glance:

This Philips Avent Single electric breast pump uses natural motion technology for a quicker milk flow*. Inspired by the way babies drink, the breast pump balances suction and nipple stimulation, whilst gently adapting to your nipple size and shape. *Based on milk flow initiation time (time to Milk Ejection Reflex - MER) results from clinical trial with 20 participants (Netherlands, 2019) compared to time to MER results for other Philips predecessor pump technology from Feasibility study with 9 participants (Netherlands, 2018).

How did this product make your life easier?

Elizabeth: I really liked this product. I found this product to be extremely easy to put together and comfortable to use. I really liked that the pump was designed to show me the specific setting I was using and also time how long I had pumped for. This gave me a clear understanding of time it took for me to produce a specific quantity of milk and allowed me to adjust settings quickly based on my last pump.

Sarah: The product is effective and easy to use. Quick charging helps in a busy mum life. Would be easier if there was a carry loop on the battery pack if you need to move. I like the stylish design and the easy to read display. It is comfortable. Has minimal pieces to remember how to put together and wash this is ideal for a busy mum.

Laura: This electric breast pump is very easy to use. It has meant that I can easily pump without needing two hands - a godsend with a newborn and a toddler! I have also found that the electric pump works quicker than a manual pump meaning I have more time to spend with the children instead of focusing on expressing. It is also rechargeable which is fantastic as I didn't need to worry about batteries.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sarah: I have already recommended this product to someone. It is easy to use and is quiet when collecting the milk. There are not many parts included so easy to put together. It was comfy when using and didn’t hurt my nipple. Light weight battery pack, charges quickly and last a long time when expressing.

Ammara Raza: I would recommend this product for the mums who would like to feed and express at the same time. the product is comfortable with different stimulation settings and expressing settings. however the pump itself is not very quiet so if your baby/babies are sensitive to noise while sleeping, you would need to sit somewhere else than where your babies are sleeping.

Elizabeth: I have already recommended this product to other mothers. It was easy to use, comfortable, the pump design was sleek. Being able to charge the pump made it very practical and easily transportable. Having a pump preset to your settings allowed me to pump quickly and also the clock meant I did not have to time how long I had pumped for.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emily: There’s a lot about this pump to say it should win. It’s a great pump and compared to the one I previously used I feel it’s quieter, gentler and more effective at expressing my milk. The charge function makes this stand out for me and it’s the feature I like the most. The pump isn’t whisper quiet though and whilst it’s certainly quieter than others there’s a long way to go before I’d describe it as discreet. The charge function makes this stand out for me and it’s the feature I like the most. The unit is still quite bulky and heavy and it would be a heavy weight to pop in a bag. I also had issues with the ‘upright pumping’ claim and found I often had milks escape when I took the pump off which then ran all over my top which was annoying. I also found the part of the pump which sat on my breast was frequently coming loose and falling off which was annoying.

Sarah: I think this product should win as it is very easy to use. Has a quick charging time and is quiet when collecting milk compared to others ones I have used. It has a stylish design easy to read display and is light weight. Comfortable on my nipple. It is small and compact so isn't big and bulky taking up lots of room. This product stands out for me.

Stephanie: I would choose this product as it’s a brand that I am familiar with and know to be reputable. The portability of the product and sleek design is as a draw to it. I would always choose an electric pump over a manual pump as it makes life so much easier with a newborn and another child. My only concern that would put me off would be the price. As someone whose struggled with breastfeeding in the past and didn’t massively enjoy it - it seems like a pricey investment into something which may have only been used for a short time. I would only buy this if breastfeeding was well established and would be carrying on for a number of months.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ammara Raza: On the technical side, I would like to work on its noise a bit (I know it's not too loud but loud enough to wake your baby sleeping next to you) and also I feel there are quite a few parts to assemble the pump for cleaning. That should somehow be made convenient as with twins, I have to express more often than usual and the cleaning the pump is tough for me.

Naomi: One thing that would make this pump more appealing would be the addition of a travel case or bag. I seem unable to only write one thing in this box as the page keeps telling me I need to write more, therefore additional things that would help would be an up to date manual. Similarly inclusion of multiple bottles in the pack would make it more appealing to the consumer.

Laura: If I could change one thing, I would make the unit slightly smaller so it is easier to transport if required. However, I was still able to fit it into the change bag and use it when out and about as needed. It would also be useful to be able to use the pump with no hands, for example if there was a neck support to ensure the pump stayed in place during use, that would have been amazing.

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