SVERL: 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Electrical Bottle Brush Review

from Sverl
RRP £24.99
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by Maria Martin |

Sverl have developed an Electrical Bottle Brush that ensures hygiene with effortless, intense cleaning for feeding bottles, teats and straws. Sverl's product's adaptable design means that it is not just limited to baby bottles and can be used in variety of drinks containers.

Essential hygiene product for every household to clean variety of drinks containers and baby bottles.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Julia Abbott says: "The "SVERL" is definitely 100% quicker than the dishwasher at cleaning. The "SVERL" also gives a better clean. But whether it is more convenient in comparison is another question. Both the teat and the bottle were less cloudy when cleaned by the "SVERL." Regardless of these findings, I would still use the dishwasher because of sheer convenience. However, I would still use the bottle brush aspect of the "SVERL" for my reusable water bottle. The cleaning inside worked incredibly well - like nothing else. I cannot get a scourer, hand held bottle cleaner inside and it is not dishwasher safe therefore I end up using soapy boiling water, which still leaves an unpleasant smell, but the "SVERL" removed this entirely."

Elizabeth Andrews says: "As a busy mum, the less time spent time cleaning bottles the better and this bottle brush helps with just that. It's quick and easy to use and makes sure that all areas of the brushes are clean however having to change the fittings can be quite fiddly. I have also found that I have been able to clean 2 parts of my bottles at the same time which is even better!"

Afifa Khan says: "This product makes washing bottles inc water bottles and drinks bottles for the family a lot easier. Its particularly useful for large bottles, the long attachments making it easier to reach deep inside for a proper clean at the base. I like the simple design and its easy to store. I particularly like that you can use it for family related washing and not just specifically baby, although it has been marketed that way."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Mehreen Khan says: "This is an ok product if a mother wants something to be deep cleaned. The design and build are simple. It is easy to use. I am not sure I would definitely recommend this product to a mother unless she wants something deep cleaned. I believe soap and water do the job adequately also so it is difficult to fully recommend it."

Shelina Khatun says: "I’d definitely recommend this brush to other mums particularly those with more than one child. It speeds up bottle cleaning tenfold and makes it more enjoyable. The different brush heads are handy for different parts of the bottle and therefore work better than your average manual bottle brush. My 7 month old also seems to love the sound the brush makes so it keeps her in a stunned silence."

Syeda Khatun says: "I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. It reduces the time you’re spending on cleaning. The straw brush is particularly effective, I’ve used it to clean all my reusable straws which has led to me reducing the amount of single use and plastic straws we use. The bottlebrush is great at cleaning my travel mugs and flask, it’s easy to remove the coffee and tea stain which I usually struggle with with a manual brush, then long handle of the brush enables you get to the bottom of the biggest of flasks. This would make a great baby shower gift or for a new mum."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Joanne King says: "I wouldn’t choose this product over any other because I think it’s quite expensive for what it is. The packaging is quite poor and the attachments could be made a little more user friendly. It also takes 4 batteries which seems quite excessive for a bottle cleaner. It does the job but I’d prefer something a little sleeker & discreet."

Clotilde Kingsley says: "I haven't seen anything like this on the market and the clean feels superior to using a manual brush, so on this basis I think it should win as I absolutely love the concept. I think the price is reasonable and that with the extra attachments included add value for money as it is multipurpose and can be used by all the family. For this price tag I would expect the product to be perfect so the locking mechanism needs to be sorted for the product quality to match it’s price."

Alexandra Martin says: "I wouldn’t choose to purchase this product, it’s not the prettiest item to have on the kitchen side, I have seen some better looking bamboo brushes for sale at a fraction of the price which I would choose above an electric bottle cleaner. If I was to purchase a bottle cleaner it would be a cheaper manual one."

What changes would you make to this product?

Julia Abbott says: "If I could change one thing about the "SVERL", I would swap the/cleaning had for an additional bottle cleaning head. Reason being is that I think the bottle cleaning head bristles would lose shape /wear down overtime, therefore making the device less affective. I would not want to buy the full product again i.e. the main electrical component itself, just for a new bottle brush head. Also the straw cleaner would be of no use to me as I have no straws in my home as a mum of two children under two."

Elizabeth Andrews says: "The bottle and the brushes come well packaged, however a storage bag or stand would be helpful for after the box and packaging has been opened as I do not like to keep the brushes on the worktop in between uses. This would also make it more easily accessible when trying to clean bottles quickly with a baby in tow!"

Afifa Khan says: "It could have an additional fine short handled implement for cleaning out the crevices of childrens drink bottles – that would be super useful! Bottles and teats etc are generally ok to clean with a sponge and lots of soapy water but children's drinks bottles seem to retain products more than baby bottles."

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