Tommee Tippee Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser and Dryer Review

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Tommee Tippee Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser and Dryer
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Tommee Tippee Advanced Steri-Dryer Electric Steriliser and Dryer at a glance:

The less time you spend cleaning and preparing bottles the better. Sterilize and dry up to 6 bottles in 40 minutes with the Tommee Tippee advanced electric steriliser and dryer. Using only natural steam to envelope every surface, this electric steam steriliser kills 99% of germs that may linger in bottles, teats, breast pumps and other baby feeding accessories. The quick and convenient sterilising and drying cycle means you are never without a clean, dry sterilised bottle for your baby.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Aaysha Awais says: This product really helps save time doing multiple loads of sterilising, faffing around with a microwave and having to dry everything afterwards. I have used a previous Tommee Tippee all-in-one steriliser, which was already very good, but this one has the extra benefit of drying all the bottles as well. The other big upgrade is the size, which now allows up to six bottles and has a separate compartment for teats and lids. Previously, I could only do three bottles at a time. Since I've been using this product, I've been able to wash all the bottles up at the end of the day, switch it on before I go up to bed and, when I come downstairs in the morning, all the bottles are sterilised, dried and ready for me to use! It's fantastic!

Tiffany Barritt says: This steriliser is so quick and easy to use. Bottles come out bone dry so I don’t need to spend time trying them myself or having to leave them to drain. It holds 6 bottles so I only need to run it once a day and that’s it. Such a great feature, saves me time and less effort. No more scalding hot dripping water.

Zara Cave says: The product was easy to build and set up. The instructions were clear and diagrams helpful. The product has 3 different settings to choose from however I only ever used the full sterilise and dry feature. It was nice however to have the option of just to sterilise or dry. I found that there was enough space in the compartments for 3 bottles, accessories and a small storage container that i use for storing milk powder in whilst out of the house. I began using the product when my baby was only needing 3 bottles of milk a day and so I could use each bottle throughout the day and then do a cycle of sterilising on a evening ready for the next days use. Previously to using this product I tried using a microwave steriliser and a cold water steriliser. I found that after a while the bottles in the cold water treatment began to discolour and the teats turned an odd texture and so after using this product I felt happier that the bottles were more palatable.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Nina Collingwood says: I would recommend this to a fellow mum as it is a really good size. You can fit a lot of bottles in side and there is another shelf that goes on the top for smaller items such as dummies, breast pump pieces and teats. This is really handy as it means that you can fit your items in more easily. It is also really nice that it dries the bottles as other electric sterilisers that I have used leaves them wet and I was never sure whether to leave them to dry or whether to dry them before making the milk. The only issue is that it is quite tall so it only just fits below my kitchen cupboards which means I need to pull it out every time I use it so that the steam doesn’t soak the bottom of the cupboards and the instructions weren’t very easy to work out when it comes to putting the filter in the bottom. There also isn’t an explanation as to what the filter is for or whether you need to buy them separately to replace them or whether you clean the filter and reuse it.

Susan Collins says: Being able to fit up to six bottles or less with other bits makes washing and sterilising faster as everything can be in at one time sterilised and dried at once, which I found great for time saving! The ease of use to return to sterilised and dry bottles after a click of auto button and 40 minutes is very handy. The steriliser was smaller than the one we had been using so freed up more unit space making it easier to make the bottles up. Due to using steam there are no nasty residues on my babies bottles.

Holly Cooper says: It looks very neat in the kitchen and is tiny and fits lovely in the corner. Although the tray was a bit fiddly getting the bottles out it does a great job , quick at sterilising which is vital for when you need a bottle quick, and the drying is what really helps. I always worried that water is in the bottom of the bottles prior to having this steriliser but now that worry is out my mind as they really dry great. I understand how busy mums are having 3 children myself, the main thing us mums value is time. This steriliser is quicker than my last one and other models I’ve used, but on top of that it also dries which saves us precious time of having to dry!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebecca Fitzpatrick says: The design of the product is great- it is sleek and stylish and goes well in my kitchen. It is quite tall but needs to be to be able to fit as much as it does within it. The single touch wash and dry button is a really useful function that is different to my other steriliser and I really like this. It is simple and effective at what it does and is a competitive price.

Laura Fitzgerald says: I would choose this product above others as although it is a lot more expensive than some other devices out there it comes from a reputable brand (tommee tippee), is quick and efficient, and it has a sleek appearance. It gives the items inside a thorough clean and is fast. The colour is good and easy storage.

Aaysha Awais says: I would definitely recommend this product over others on the market. I have not tried any other manual or automatic steriliser that works as effectively as this, and especially with the drying feature it's a no brainer! It is quite pricey though at £90 and so it would obviously fall lower down in the list of priority purchases for new parents, especially as you can buy manual sterilisers for as little as £10. So a lot of this comes down to the price you are prepared to pay for convenience. But if you're looking for something like this, then I haven't seen another product as good as it.

Tiffany Barritt says: Yes, the drying feature alone would make me choose It over any other model. What a great innovation. Replacement filters are a big issue though. Timing I think is quite long compared to other sterilisers. I thought 40mins was quite a long time but if your are prepared and organised then this is not a problem.

What changes would you make to this product?

Zara Cave says: I would change the design of the lid perhaps. I few times i noticed that I had not clearly put the lid on top properly. The steam then began to lift the lid up and i feel that maybe a little catch or locking mechanism might prevent the lid from lifting up. I would have also preferred it somehow if it was possible to store the different compartments more easily the product can look quite bulky on the worktop but does blend in with the other kitchen accessories quite well.

Nina Collingwood says: A tighter fitting lid would be better with slightly more venting gaps to stop it lifting up when switched on as it doesn’t feel overly sterile having the lid move up and down. Although I mentioned in a previous question that it was a really tight fit underneath the cupboards, I don’t think I would want it any shorter as the larger bottles wouldn’t fit in as well as the shelf for dummies and teats. It would also be great if the drying cycle was a bit shorter but to be honest, this isn’t make or break for me as the drying cycle is a novelty rather than a necessity. I would definitely choose it over and above my other tommee tippee steriliser (which stopped working after 6mths of light use) due to the size and layout of the product.

Susan Collins says: The product has been on the market since January 2020, I couldn’t find replacement HEPA filters for sale so I am unsure about the longevity of this part of the item. Occasionally I still found water residue on the items so had to run the dry only function again. For anyone fickle about colour the top was black however the bottom looked a little more greyish.

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