Vital baby® NURTURE™ deluxe breastfeeding bundle review Review

from Vital Baby
RRP £110
Vital Innovations Ltd vital baby® NURTURE™ deluxe breastfeeding bundle
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by Mother & Baby |

Vital baby® NURTURE™ deluxe breastfeeding bundle at a glance: 

The vital baby® NURTURE™ deluxe breastfeeding bundle has everything that mum needs to make breastfeeding and expressing an easy and enjoyable experience. Featuring the vital baby® NURTURE™ flexcone™ electric breast pump as well as a selection of vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like feeding bottles and teats, vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads, vital baby® NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags .This bundle has everything mum needs during the breastfeeding journey! All of the products included within this bundle have been made with thought and care to ensure that mum and baby get the very best from the beginning!

How did this product make your life easier?

Ella: This product does make life easier - as you can use it as both a manual pump but also an electric too. The plug being a USB also makes things so much easier as it’s not another plug you need to remember if you’re going somewhere. Being able to use it both wirelessly or plugged in creates endless options of where you can use it. The breast pads were soft and comfortable and benefited from two sticky strips to attach rather than just the one as with some brands meaning they aren’t moving about all over the place when trying to feed.

Louise: This is the first breast pump I’ve used that has a rechargeable battery in it, I purchased a pump 5 years ago for my first baby and have used that since. Having the rechargeable battery meant that I wasn’t tied to one spot whilst it was plugged into the socket, which meant at one point I was able to prep dinner whilst pumping, win. Being able to pump that easily made it possible for my partner and other children to feed the baby, which makes my life much easier. Also the USB port for charging meant I could charge it in the car whilst on a long car journey.

Katherine: This delux breastfeeding bundle contains breastpads, bottles, storage bags, a manual breast pump which can also be used as an electric breast pump and some anticolic valves. I really liked the breastpads I found them comfortable, discrete and effective at preventing any leaks. I found it great to have everything together and it all fitted together which was great. I think this would make a good present to someone at the start of breastfeeding.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: I would recommend this product to my friends and fellow mums because I loved the ease of use of it. It was simple and straight forward to put together and use and really efficient, I managed to get a good quantity of milk out when using it. The bottles are also excellent and my exclusively breastfed baby took it straight away with no problems. It’s also a nice compact sleek design so isn’t obtrusive. I would also recommend the breast pads as they are excellent quality, great shape, stick really well and catch all leaks.

Faye: I would definitely recommend this pump as a kit to a new to pumping mum as it comes with nearly everything you could want. The pump is super simple to put together and take apart. It's also really simple to use as well as being really comfortable. Most importantly it seems to work well for me and I get a good amount of milk in a reasonable time.

Laura: This product is brilliant value for money, especially as part of the bundle. I love that it can be switched from electric to manual so easily to suit your needs and the rechargeable power pack is a great idea. My current breast pump ties me down to sitting next to the plug but I love that I can take this one out anywhere with me and its great that you pump directly into the bottles.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Naomi: I did really like this product however I would not put it as first place. Although the design is great I have tested other breast pumps which I felt looked smarter and more modern. They are both equally effective at pumping and easy to use but the design on others was just that tiny bit more appealing.

Sarah: I might chose this to win as it’s well priced for a pump that has other similar features. It’s nice to be able to buy all the parts together as they can get expensive otherwise if they are all purchased separately. The problems are that it’s not a double pump (which is very useful as a time saver) and it’s an electric only pump, when sometimes a manual option is useful.

Jennifer: I really liked this pump and found it equal to the well known brands. I would say as plugs into a unit rather than being totally integrated if you are looking for total portability and hands free pumping others may be better. However if this isn't what you need its a great quiet, discreet, easy to yse pump.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sophie: One thing that could be improved is to have flat lids for the bottles so they could be stored directly in the fridge after expressing. As I use it’s lot on the go, and plan to take it to work when I go back after maternity leave, it might also be nice if it came with a carry case for ease of transport.

Sarah: I would make it a double pump. The fact that it’s a single pump means it’s not as useful for anyone who needs to pump on a regular basis, since it will take twice the time to pump milk. However, I know that some mums prefer a single pump and this might be fine for mums who don’t need to use it every day.

Tammy: The one change I would make would be to include the expressing bra as part of the kit. Without it, double pumping becomes hard work. Mums need to be hands free and get it done quickly and easily. For the price of the pump, especially compared to others available, I would have been very impressed with having the bra included.

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