Weleda Nipple Balm Review

from Weleda
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Soothe sore nipples with Weleda's Nipple Balm - a 100% natural formula developed by midwives and pharmacists for effective care during and after pregnancy. Harnessing the powers of Lanolin and Organic Calendula Extract, the non-greasy balm hydrates and protects delicate nipples, replenishes cracked skin and takes care of areas prone to chafing for long-lasting comfort. Safe for both mum and baby, the balm is ideal for breastfeeding when nipples can become cracked or painful.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Louise: Yes. It felt like more of a treat to use this product because of the lovely, premium packaging and the texture. It isn't embarrassing to leave it out for others to see or keep handy in your handbag as it is such nice packaging! I liked that it has natural ingredients and is fragrance-free. There is no need to wipe it off before breastfeeding which was very reassuring.

Marianne: I have certainly found it as effective as the other nipple creams I have used. I would be likely to suggest this as an alternative to the leading brand which is at a higher price point. Visually, it is attractive and the long slender tube fits easily in my bedside drawer or handbag as needed.

Andrea: I would recommend this product to other breastfeeding mums. It has no odour and is quick and easy to use. The size makes it easy to pop in a bag or pocket so it can easily be transported. It comes in a tube which means you only have to use a little at a time, there is less waste and it is more hygienic.

How did this product make your life easier?

Laura: Your nipples when breastfeeding will be soothed and calmed. They will be less sore, enabling you to concentrate on the important job of feeding and caring for your newborn baby. The cream works really well to help your nipples recover from the wear of newborn feeding. It makes it so much more comfortable.

Elizabeth: It helps to soothe sore or painful nipples for breastfeeding mothers. This helps you to carry on breastfeeding your child without discomfort, meaning you can feed your child for longer. Not having to worry about the child digesting the product is great as it’s safe to use before and after feeds.

Tay: Breastfeeding can result in sore and painful nipples. I usually use a lanolin based product, which is thicker and less fluid. The Weleda nipple balm had a lovely smooth consistency, which made application so much more comfortable. The nipple soreness can be so severe that applying thicker products can be uncomfortable or painful, as the product is dragged across the skin. This cream required minimal effort to apply and felt silky. There was minimal friction on the application.

Would you choose this product to win?

Christine: Yes, I would choose this product above others. It was smooth with a good texture which stayed in place on the applied area but washed off easily on your hands. The fragrance was nice which is always a bonus. My baby wasn’t bothered by it being on my nipples when feeding and cracking improved soon after application.

Toni: I would choose this over the leading brand. It is easier to use, smells nicer and you can also use it for general chafing areas. It is useful for the thigh rub during hot summer days!

Louise: Yes, it feels like such a lovely product to have. It performs better than other similar products, feels nicer and doesn't feel like simply a functional product. The texture and packaging are lovely. I will definitely keep it to use beyond breastfeeding to moisturise or as a lip balm! I love that the ingredients are all natural, paraben and fragrance-free. This is so important when my baby is going to be coming into contact with it. The price was very reasonable given the high quality of the product and ingredients.

What changes would you make to this product?

Marianne: The price would be the only aspect I would be likely to change. It applies easily, does not leave any noticeable greasy marks on my clothes and helps to soothe the area and makes subsequent feeding more comfortable. If it was priced more competitively I would happily buy it above other brands.

Andrea: I would make it less sticky. Sometimes I have to wash my hands after applying it and this isn’t always practical for a new mum. Especially if your baby has fallen asleep during the feed or if you are out and don’t have hand washing facilities nearby.

Laura: I might make the consistency of the cream a bit thicker so that it is easier to apply and feels more moisturising on the skin. It might be good in an even smaller tube which would be cheaper as only small quantities are needed.

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