The Amazon Baby Wishlist – our essential guide

by Lily Anderson |

Whether you're pregnant or have already welcomed your new baby into the world, you know you need a lot of stuff. The Amazon Baby Wishlist is the best way to keep track of everything you need for your baby - and it's easy to set up.

It essentially works like a shopping list, but it's easy to share with friends and family. It's perfect if you're having a baby shower, or if people want to buy you a useful gift for when the baby has arrived, and especially useful for birthdays and other special events like Christmas.

If you're planning on buying a baby car seat, pushchair or travel system, this discount will make a big difference.

Why should I set up a Baby Wishlist?

Most people have an Amazon account now - it's so easy to use, especially if you have Amazon Prime and get free next-day delivery on loads of items.

Making a wishlist subscribes to the most important part of parenting - preparation and organisation. As soon as a baby enters your world, being organised is imperative; having a wishlist keeps all your shopping needs in one place, and it's so easy to share with friends and family who want to help you on your parenting journey.

It's also easy to see what other parents are buying, giving you inspiration, and to check all their thousands of reviews - super important when you're making those big decisions like pushchairs, especially at the moment when it's not so easy to view products in shops.

How to sign up for Amazon Baby Wishlist?

All you need to do to sign up for an Amazon Baby Wishlist is head on over to the website and provide a few personal details:

Owner's name



Arrival month


The best bit about it? It's free to sign up - click here to register for your Baby Wishlist.

I want to share this with friends and family, but will it show my delivery address?

If you have a wide network or want to share it on social media, you can relax as the delivery address is confidential. People viewing your list will see your name, city and county.

How to claim your Welcome gift?

If all these perks weren't enough to get you rushing to sign up, receiving a FREE welcome gift certainly will. What more could you want?

To redeem:

  • Check offers and benefits section

Even the celebs are signing up - check out Rochelle Humes' wishlist here. It's not just that we're nosy about celebs and their babies, honest - it's really good to see the type of products other mums buy and get inspiration for our own shopping lists.

Amazon Spring Sale

Did you know that anyone with a Baby Wishlist can save up to 15% on top of the already discounted deal price in the Amazon Spring Sale?

Spend at least £200 to save 10% with code LIST10. Prime members save 15% with code LIST15.

We've rounded up some of the best baby deals on Amazon right now so you can get shopping and make this wishlist work harder!

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