Ask the expert: your newborn questions answered with Rachel FitzD and ASDA

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by Stephanie Anthony |

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This is the third video of the Ask The Expert video series with ASDA, which also tackles parenting FAQs on weaning, nappies and bathing. This time, it's all about newborns.

Whether a first time parent or not, having a newborn baby is a minefield for questions and worries. From feeding to nappies to first aid and what a healthy poop looks like - there's so much to think about!

But don't worry, parenting and baby expert Rachel FitzD is on hand to answer everything you need to know about newborns.

"In the first couple of months of life, your baby will want to be in your arms throughout the day, nearly all the time! This is how it should be, for security and comfort and also to regulate the breathing and the heart rate, temperature and to reduce infection - it also means it keeps them close for regular short feeds," explains Rachel.

Rachel also talks you through what to do if your baby is choking - which can be a very scary experience for new parents. And other first aid essentials such as how to take your baby's temperature and how to reduce a fever.

In addition she'll explain how to look after your baby's umbilical cord, a bit about bathing, cradle cap and other rashes which will very likely crop up on your new baby.

Watch the video below for all your newborn questions answered.

Look out for the rest of the four part Ask The Expert series with ASDA on the Mother&Baby YouTube channel.

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