Baby girl hair accessories for an adorable finishing touch

baby hair accessory

by Emily Thorpe |

Let's be honest, dressing your baby in teeny tiny clothes is one of the parts of parenthood we all look forward to. But why stop there? Baby girl hair accessories come in lots of different styles and colours and add an adorable final touch - not that your little one needs it of course!

Hair accessories can be really handy to keep your child's hair out of their face, especially if you don't want to cut it just yet. You might just choose them just for special occasions such as parties or weddings or you might use them every day, in which case it's worth stocking up so you have lots of choices.

Of course, these hair accessories don't just have to be for girls, your little boy might fancy them too!

Apart from soft bows and baby turbans which can usually be worn right from birth, we recommend waiting until your baby has enough hair before selecting any other accessories so they can be clipped or attached on without scraping your child's delicate scalp.

Please note: Hair accessories are not toys, they contain small parts and may present a choking hazard to small children and pets. They are not intended for unsupervised children or pets. All hair accessories should be removed when unsupervised and when your child is sleeping.

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