Baby hair products for clean and shiny locks

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by Emily Thorpe |

Baby's hair growth differs massively but whether they've got just a few hairs on their head or a whole mop, it's still important to keep it clean.

Thankfully, unlike with adult hair products, baby options are a lot easier to decipher and our main advice is to keep things simple because babies really don't need much in the way of hair products.

Keep things mild to start with

When you have a newborn, as they adjust to life outside the womb, their skin starts to form a protective barrier called the acid mantle. For the first few baths, some mums choose to stick to just warm water to avoid irritating their child's delicate skin. When you decide it’s time for more than that, look for products with natural ingredients that are extra gentle on your baby’s skin, suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologist approved.

Always patch test first

Before using any new product on your baby, do a patch test first. Put a fingertip of product behind their ear or on the inside of their elbow, and wait 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, the product is safe to use, but if there’s any sign of redness or irritation, they may be sensitive to it.

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