Baby rocking beds to soothe your child to sleep

baby rocking bed

by Emily Thorpe |

It's universally acknowledged that rocking a baby in your arms is incredibly soothing for them and a great way of helping them to fall asleep.

According to, a "rocking sensation is thought to have a synchronising effect on the brain, triggering our natural sleep rhythms."

Why buy a baby rocking bed?

We all know the stress of when you're baby's finally asleep in your arms and you now need to gently put them into their cot or crib without waking them up.

That's why so many parents love a baby rocking bed which - as you'd expect - is a baby bed that will rock your little one to sleep. As well as doing the hard work of rocking for you (we all know how tiring it can get!), a baby rocking bed also saves you from then needing to put your child into their actual bed, as they'll already be there!

Baby rocking beds will typically last your youngster from birth to six months and tend to offer the rocking function through a stand or by a built-in function usually controlled by you, so it's worth considering what you'd prefer.

While you might simply be happy with a straightforward cot or crib, a baby rocking bed is particularly good for those babies who love to be held and rocked, whether that's in your arms or a rocking chair. They're also useful for encouraging self-soothing skills as your child won't require you to help them sleep all the time.

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