8 best baby splash mats for keeping your little one’s mess under control

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As any parent knows, one of the first things you do when you find out you’re expecting is baby proof the house to keep your baby safe, and prevent any messes or accidents in the house. Be that gates on the stairs, or buying splash mats in preparation for weaning!

Whether they are eating, playing or rolling around on the floor, when it comes to little ones there’s always something to clean up.

Food, toys and bodily fluid become a daily norm - but you can minimise the mess and time you spend tidying up with a baby splash mat. Keep your floors mess-free during frenzied feeding sessions with these splash mats (also known as a feeding mat or dropcloth) simply pop them on the floor underneath your bub's highchair or toddler's seat.

Baby splash mats can be easily wiped clean so they are a great way to contain spills while protecting your floor, carpets and rugs from damage.

Kevin and Suze Patel, co-founders of Nini Baby, say: “A splash mat is essentially a piece of waterproof fabric that goes under a baby’s chair or play area to prevent any spillages or play-inspired mess from causing unwanted stains. “For parents, they can be an absolute saviour, making fun activities and mealtimes less worrisome."

We’ve rounded up the best baby splash mats available in the UK to keep your little one’s messes at bay. From funky patterns to chic styles, you won’t want to put these adorable splash mats away…

Baby splash mats 2021

Lookka Highchair Splash Mat

Lookka Highchair Splash Mat

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This budget-friendly Lookka splash mat is the perfect fix; it has anti-splic particles so it sticks to the floor well and it’s made of waterproof fabric so it can be easily cleaned.

It is also easy to fold, making it ideal for travel, and it has a multitude of uses including outdoor picnic mat, a tablecloth for play time or the base for painting fun.

The baby splash mat is stain-resistant, wipeable and machine washable.

A reviewer said, “This is great, it's a nice size that covers a lot of the floor under the highchair…My son does flip his food everywhere so this is perfect as it keeps the floor and carpets clean and protected.

“It is quite thick compared to the other covers I have tried. So I know it won't rip too easily and it will last a while.”

East Coast Splash Mat Floor Protector

East Coast Splash Mat Floor Protector

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Ready to start the messy business of weaning? Protect your floors at meal times and messy play with Boot’s extra-large baby splash mat.

This versatile mat features a colourful hot air balloon design which is bound to catch your little one’s attention.

It is ideal to be placed under your baby’s high chair to protect the floor from spills but it can also be used during potty training as well as arts and crafts and messy play.

At only £11.99, it’s the ultimate savvy mum buy with it’s cheap price as well as it’s waterproof and wipe clean features.

Splash Mat - Alphabet Floral

Splash Mat - Alphabet Floral

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Introduce your child to solid food without worrying about the mess with this Mamas u0026 Papas multipurpose splash mat.

The wipe clean mat measures 1.4 x 1.2M so the floor is always protected. It will save you time, energy and sanity by reducing the need to clean after mealtime spills or play sessions.

This baby splash mat comes in a variety of prints that coordinate with the Mamas u0026 Papas Snax Highchairs range.

We particularly love the alphabet floral option as it’s a fun way to get your little ones to start recognising the shapes of letters.

One review said, “Bought the mat to go with the high chair, and was impressed with the thick quality of the mat, I am sure it will help with any mess my granddaughter makes.”

Ralphie Bear, Rainbows And Sunshine Splash Mat

Ralphie Bear, Rainbows And Sunshine Splash Mat

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This baby splash mat from UK site Not On The High Street is adorable.

Using a splash mat means you can let your child experience the joy of eating spaghetti without you worrying — you can sit back and enjoy the cuteness overload.

The Ralphie Bear splash mats are perfect for under the high chair, over tables, arts and crafts, potty training and even in the garden.

This baby splash mat is 100cm x 100cm, available in two stylish prints plus it can be feasibly wiped clean with soapy water.

It will protect your floors and furniture from any splashes and spills during mealtimes, plus it has the added bonus that it can be folded for packing away or on the go.

The UK based brand, created by a doting mum, offers high quality baby products made and designed with babies in mind - it’s the ultimate small business to check out for stylish baby must-haves.

My Babiie Highchair Splash Mat

My Babiie Highchair Splash Mat

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This stylish pink baby splash mat is perfect for any little one that loves fluttering butterflies.

Available in UK retailer Robert Dyas, the butterfly themed splash mat fits perfectly under a high chair at 125cm x 100cm and keeps your floors stain free.

It’s made with wipe clean, non-toxic PVC and even comes with a 1-year warranty. There’s other designs available too.

Don’t forget to use the baby splash mat to cover your tables during messy play or even take to the park or beach for picnics.

Splash Mat Under the Sea

Splash Mat Under the Sea

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This under the sea themed splash mat from Mama Shack is so popular, it’s often sold out. The company claims it’s a true investment piece as it can be used from birth upwards.

The baby splash mat is multifunctional and perfect for baby weaning, messy play, outdoor play, baking, crafting and even protecting floors when potty training gets difficult!

It’s made from a non-toxic, waterproof, durable fabric and is a large size at approximately 100cm x 125cm.

There’s also a whole range of stylish patterns available so the splash mat fits in with your home decor.

Bumkins Splat Mat

Bumkins Splat Mat

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Bumkins splat mats are the perfect, affordable solution to keeping your baby’s mess at bay.

Acting as a guard or shield against feeding and playtime mishaps, the lightweight and easy wipe splash mat makes cleanup easy as the mat dries in minutes.

It can be wiped clean or machine washed so it’s super durable and stain-resistant. There’s colour options and fun designs too so you can pick one best suited to your home interiors.

The baby splash mat also folds up compactly so it can be thrown into your nappy bag, ready to take with you on your daily adventures.

At 107cm x 107cm, it’s a generous size to protect the floor from spillages, keep surfaces clean, while the whileable material can be put away in minutes.

A reviewer said, "This mat is perfect as it’s so compact, takes up no space to store and is easy to clean too.”

TotsAhoy! Non Slip Splash Mat for Under Highchair Floor Protector

TotsAhoy! Non Slip Splash Mat for Under Highchair Floor Protector

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The TotsAhoy! Nonslip Splash Mat combines 2 high-tech fabrics making it ultra grippy on both hard floors and carpets, so you’ll have peace of mind that once you lay this splat mat on the floor, it won’t be going anywhere.

You can wipe clean with a soapy cloth, or even throw the whole thing in the washing machine for bigger messes!

Measuring 110cm x 110cm, these generously sized floor mats for children have you and your baby covered, even during the messiest activities.

Things to consider when buying a baby splash mat

  • Size

  • Flexibility

  • Sustainability

  • Fun

  • Material

According to Kevin and Suze Patel, there’s a number of factors parents need to consider before purchasing a baby splash mat. “When it comes to buying a splash mat, consider its size; does it fulfil your needs, for example will it cover enough of your floor during playtime?

“Similarly, think about whether the splash mat is portable and easily transferable – if you’re often on the move or planning an upcoming holiday then as with any product, flexibility is key.

“Meanwhile, it’s important to find a splash mat that’s sustainable and boasts equally fun designs. If your little one engages with the mat and actually enjoys using it then you can avoid any tantrums if they don’t, for any reason, like sitting on a floor cover of sorts.”

Evaluating the material of a baby splash mat is important before purchasing. Plastic splash mats will crease if they’re folded regularly, whilst more lightweight materials can be trimmed for a custom fit if needed.

Suze adds, “In any instance, choose a material that’s durable and easy to clean – after all, its purpose is to make your life easier!

“Another helpful hack? A non-slip underlay is invaluable, it’ll stop your splash mat from moving around unnecessarily, keeping it secure and in place no matter what your tot gets up to.”

What are the benefits of baby splash mats?

  1. Manage cleanliness

  2. Easing worries in public

  3. Creates an identified play solace

  4. Aesthetically pleasing

There are countless benefits to splash mats; the most obvious of course is that they help you to manage your baby’s mess and keep things clean.

But baby splash mats can be helpful outside of the house too. “They can also be incredibly useful when taken out of the house, easing your concerns in restaurants for example," adds Kevin.

“Meanwhile, they help to teach your child about cleanliness, create a clearly identified play space and generally make your tot’s playtime less stressful. Plus, if you go for a cute design, they can have the simultaneous benefit of making your baby’s playroom or bedroom look even lovelier!”

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