The best baby food range

The best baby food range

by Jane McGuire |

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat, so as our little one’s get ready to start trying proper food, as parents, we want to be sure they’re getting all they need.

But how do you choose one brand over the other? Are pouches better than traditional jars? And what are the best snacks out there to feed your little one?

As part of our Mother & Baby awards, we get our army of mum testers to rate baby food ranges and products, asking them whether they would recommend it to other mums. With so many healthy snacks to choose from, these are our top picks:

Ella’s Kitchen ‘First Tastes Veg’ range, from £0.71, Amazon

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These four brightly coloured pouches are 100% organic and aim to introduce your baby to one different vegetable each time. Suitable from four months, the range includes sweet potato, carrots, parsnips and peas and help your baby take their first steps on the weaning journey. According to research by Ella’s Kitchen, only offering veggies for the first two weeks of weaning is the best way to help your little one develop a love of veg. Our mums loved how handy the pouches were on-the-go, with a simple screw top. They also loved the fact the range is completely organic, with no added salts, sugars or artificial colourings. Read more real mum reviews of this range here.

Organix Baby Corn Puffs, £0.75, Amazon

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These organic puffs are made with no colourings, flavourings or unnecessary additives, perfect for little tummies. Our mums loved how these melt in the mouth snacks took away the fear of potential choking. They also loved how they stayed fresh for days thanks to the foil packaging, and how there are a variety of different flavours on offer for little tummies to try. You can read more real mum reviews and find out why this snack picked up a silver Mother & Baby award here.

Kiddyum Frozen Meals, £1.90, Sainsburys

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Aimed at little ones aged 1 to 4, these frozen meals are packed full of natural ingredients, with no added sugar or preservatives. The range features homemade favourites such as Fish and Veg pie, Chicken Curry, Cheesy Peasy Pasta, Macaroni Bolognese and Cottage Pie. All meals can be cooked from frozen in five minutes and are a great go-to for busy mums. Our mums loved how these frozen meals offered a speedy, convenient solution for those days when you just don’t have time to prepare a meal. Without worrying about sell-by dates, these meals are kept frozen in the freezer for when you need them most. You can read more reviews of the Kiddyum frozen range here.

Annabel Karmel Chilled Toddler Meals, from £2.25, Tesco

![Annabel Karmel Chilled Toddler Meals]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

With 25-years of expertise behind her, you know you can trust Annabel Karmel’s nutritionally balanced range of children’s favourites. Low in salt and giving your little one up to three of their 5-a-day, this range of ten convenient Chilled Toddler Meals are specially formulated for children aged one plus. The range includes two free from dairy options and two tasty veggie options. Our mums loved the presentation of the packaging, with easy to understand information and the generous portion size, however they wished there was gluten and wheat free options on offer too. You can read more real mum reviews of these chilled toddler ready meals here.

Little Dish Toddler Meals, £2.50, Tesco 

![Little Dish Toddler Meals ]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

A great, quick alternative for those busy days when you’re juggling after school clubs and tidying the house, these meals are ‘normal’ food, not sloppy ready meals. Almost as good as anything homemade, our mums love the simple packaging and the perfect portion sizes. Oven and microwave friendly, the Little Dish meals can be kept in the fridge or freezer. The only downside? They are pretty expensive compared to others on the market, so aren’t great for everyday use, but are still a good one-off backup! You can read more of our mums’ reviews of these meals on our awards page here.

Heavenly Baby & Toddler Snacks, from £1.00, Amazon

![Heavenly baby and toddler snacks]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

A healthy snack aimed at children from six months onwards, they are all made from organic ingredients and superfoods such as spinach, kale, pumpkin and coconut milk. The range includes Coconut Squishies, Yummy Wafer Wisps, Happy Halo Bites, Crispy Veggie Waffles and Mini Italian Breadsticks. Our mums loved these healthy snacks and found the re-seal packaging on some of the products super handy on the go. You can read more about what our mums thought of these snacks here.

Organix Baby Biscuits, £1.39, Amazon

![Organix baby biscuits]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}A ring shaped biscuit perfect for little fingers to hold, these baby biscuits by Organix are made from wheat with no added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners. Great for a guilt-free snack time, Organix only uses the best organic ingredients. Our mums loved the innovative shape of the biscuits and said their little ones loved the fruity flavours. You can read more real mum reviews of these Organix Baby Biscuits here.

HiPP Organic Ristorante Le Mama Tray Meals, £1.99, Ocado

![HiPP Organic Ristorante Le Mama ]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

Suitable for babies from 18 months, these ready meals are a perfect taste of Italy for your little one – all made from pasta sourced in Italy and based on traditional Italian recipes. Their slightly larger portion size, makes them great for older babies. Our mums loved how the toddler meals can be eaten hot or cold, which makes it great for a quick lunchtime on-the-go. A handy addition for the cupboard, these meals have a home-cooked feel you’re bound to love. Read more reviews of the HiPP Organic range here.

Ella’s Kitchen Six Months Range, from £0.89, Amazon

![Ella's Kitchen Six Months Range]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

Similar to the veggie range, these pouches are designed with mums in mind. With no ‘nasties’, the combinations are developed to help little tummies explore new tastes. Including traditional favourites such as bubble and squeak, cauliflower cheese and macaroni cheese, they are easy to store and take out with you. Suitable form six months onwards, our mums loved how the range was all made from naked ingredients with no added nasties. Read more reviews of the Ella’s Kitchen Six Months Range here.

Orgnaix Goodies Chunky Fruit Bars, £2.49, Amazon

![Organix Goodies Chunky Fruit Bars ]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

Junk free snacks perfect for little hands, these Organix fruit bars give your tot one of their five a day. Our mums loved the healthy snack, and found these bars to be a great alternative to bruised fruit when you’re out and about! The only downside was the price – a few mums found it to be a little expensive for five small bars.

HiPP Organic Stage 1 Pouches, £0.69, Amazon

![HiPP Organic Stage 1 Pouches]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

Organic and additive free, these HiPP Organic Stage 1 pouches are a blend of vegetables and rice, designed for babies from four months. Unlike the normal baby food blends, HiPP introduces different flavours, such as peach, mango and blackcurrant. What’s more, the pouches aren’t just made up of fruit and veg, with the likes of baby rice and yoghurt to make the pouches more substantial. Our mums loved the lightweight pouches, making them easy to take out, or store in the cupboard.

Kiddylicious Wafers, £1.75, Amazon

![Kiddylicious Wafers]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}

Designed to encourage your baby to self-feed, this no-mess snack is perfect for when you’re on-the-go. Gluten free, with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, our mums loved how these handy wafers left their little ones with no sticky fingers! The convenient twin packs are easy to carry around or pop in a lunch box, and the range comes in a number of different tastes to try.

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