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by Maria Martin |

Whether you’re catching an early night yourself or tackling the tasks you can’t get done when the baby's awake, a baby monitor is a brilliant way to put your mind at rest so you can focus on something other than your baby while your tot snoozes.

In our quest to find the best baby monitor to suit every budget, we’ve tested a range of different types. From ones that transmit only sound, to video monitors with movement sensor pads, we’ve tried them all – including the very latest gadgetry and baby monitors with apps! You can’t be with your baby every minute, but the right baby monitor is the next best thing.

How we do our testing

Our Mother&Baby Awards are renowned in the industry for being one of the most highly respected product awards for baby and parenting products, and every year we arrange for thousands of independent mum reviewers to test the latest products on the market. Our awards team are constantly looking for new baby monitors to test so that we can help you find the best - be that a cheaper product that we want to test for value for money or the latest baby monitoring innovation.

Mother&Baby Award Winners 2022

M&B award winners

Left: Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Middle: Babymoov YOO Moov 360° Video Monitor

Right: VTech VM5463 Video Baby Monitor

We've tested over 60 of the best models available in the UK, with around 10 reviewers per product to ensure that we get a range of views on the device. Our independent mums review the products based on their usability, design, quality, and value for money. Reviewers give us qualitative feedback on their experience with the product which our team of journalists review to decide our recommended products.

From all this work, our Baby Monitors Awards winners are chosen and listed below in our finalised and definitive list of the best baby monitors, one for each key category, along with the quotes we found to be most useful when choosing our selection. We hope you find them useful also!

Current NHS advice is to keep your baby in the same room as you until they are six months old, particularly when sleeping, but a monitor can be helpful for when you need to pop to the loo or head into the kitchen to make dinner and still make sure your baby is sleeping easy.

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Meet the mum testers:

Rachel Bell, 36, from Torquay, is mum to Roman, five weeks

Henrietta Knell, 31, from Epsom, is mum to Jonty, seven months, and Sammy, two years

Aileen Farrell, 43, from Ballycastle, is mum to Isla, 11 months, and Abigail, three years

Plus, Mother&Baby Awards testers: Samantha, Kimberley, Amy, Bekki, Kayleigh, Victoria, Jennifer, Denise, Ellen, Linsey, Sabine, Chelsea, Rebecca, and Annie

The best baby monitors

Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 SensAsure Baby Movement Monitor with Video

Best for monitoring movement
Angelcare Ac527 3-in-1 Baby Movement Monitor with Video White

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We say: This video monitor has an adjustable camera with pan and zoom functionality so you can see your baby close up. Its major selling point is that it comes with a wireless movement sensor pad, which sounds an alarm if no movement is detected from your baby after 20 seconds. Our testers loved this feature for extra peace of mind. You can also add a second sensor pad and see two children on one screen – great for siblings sharing a room.

Video: Yes | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: Yes
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: Yes |​ App control: No
Screen size: 5 Inch large led touchscreen

Rachel (5W): "One of the most expensive monitors on the market but worth every penny. I love it! Despite the sophisticated design, it’s surprisingly easy to set up. The sound quality is excellent and the image is great, even at night. The wireless motion sensor mat is what makes this monitor stand out. It gave me real peace of mind."

Henrietta (7M/2Y): "Brilliant! This is very simple and intuitive to set up and the video image is super clear in both daytime and night-time mode. You can zoom in to check if baby is actually awake – very handy if you have a noisy sleeper. I felt confident that the sensor pad was monitoring my son – especially reassuring now he rolls onto his tummy at night. Worth the money? 100% yes!"

Aileen (11M/3Y): "This is reliable, sturdy, great value for money and easy to use. You can add an additional monitor if you wish. The battery life is good on the parent unit but the camera angle can’t be adjusted from the parent unit, so if you have a wriggly baby you’ll need to make sure you position the camera to give you a full view of the cot before leaving the room."

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor 3

Best for checking baby's heart rate
Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor 3

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We say: The Owlet Smart Sock does more than monitoring your baby, this monitor tracks your little one's heart rate and oxygen levels all from your smartphone. You can feel assured and rest knowing that your baby's health is in safe hands. The smart sock uses pulse oximetry, wrapped in a tiny sock, and notifies you immediately if their levels leave preset zones.

Video: No | Two-way talk: No | Night vision: No
Sound alerts: No | Motion alerts: No |​ App control: Yes
Screen size: N/A

**Samantha:** "This monitor is interactive and simple to use, it gives you the freedom to take your mobile phone around the house knowing that if there was a problem you would be notified via the owlet app. Knowing that this product is interactive through my phone, it helped me to have a better night's sleep and did reduce my anxiety. However, I did find that at times that when the sock fell off my baby's foot, the constant alarms did keep me awake. I also found that when my baby's feet became warm, the sock did struggle to get an accurate reading. Overall, I feel positive about this product and feel this could help to improve anxiety significantly, especially with new mums, as you don’t need to be constantly checking your baby's breathing as the owlet does it for you."

**Kimberley:** "One of the features I loved about the Smart Sock was the fact I could check the app no matter where I was when leaving our little girl with relatives. It made the first night out leaving her so much more enjoyable. Also, I loved the feature that sees the base station glowing green to indicate all is well. It means that when I woke up in the night I could just glance at it, and was instantly reassured that my daughter was fine. As the product is in the premium price range, I love the fact that three different sock sizes are included. This means it will definitely last my little girl until she is 18-months-old."

Lollipop Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

Best for crying detection
_Lollipop Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection (Turquoise)

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We say: Lollipop Baby Camera is designed for parents with newborns and toddlers. The bendable stem allows for easy setup and high flexibility for installation. The multi-streaming feature supports navigation between multiple camera live views. Instead of owning many tablets, with everything laid out on one single iPad or iPhone, parents can watch all cameras simultaneously and never miss out on anything.

Video: Yes | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: Yes
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: Yes |​ App control: Yes
Screen size: N/A

Lollipop Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection won Silver in the Mother&Baby Awards 2021. Check out the winners here.

Real mum tester Amy says she would recommend the monitor: "Yes, yes, yes! You can place the camera anywhere at any angle it's flexible, easy to place and we have a big awkward cot! The quality from the camera to the phone is amazing, along with the sound. I’m able to play lullabies through the camera as well as talk to her when she wakes from a nap in the daytime. It notifies you when the baby is crying and records the crying overnight also so you can re-watch it"

Stacey says: "I would recommend this product to fellow mums because it is easy and simple to use. It is very sturdy and greatly made, the quality is second to none. It comes with everything to be able to hide and disguise wiring, therefore, making it baby safe. It’s great it is a USB so easily plugs into other plugs. It also comes with a two-pin plug for abroad."

Susie says: "Design is very good it would make a very good present for a baby shower. The turquoise colour is great if you're not sure if you're having a boy or a girl. It is quick to set up and can be used in any room or putting a day bag if your baby is sleeping somewhere else. Sound quality is brilliant and very sensitive and the camera is good quality."

Read the full and detailed review of the Lollipop Baby Monitor here.

Bluebell Smart Baby Monitoring System

Best for features

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This baby monitor was Shortlisted in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.

The newer model of the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor is the Bluebell Ultimate 9-in-1 Smart Baby Monitor.

We say: Much more than just a baby monitor, this clever gadget helps keep you connected to your baby in and out of the home. It keeps track of all sorts of data, including their breathing and skin temperature and whether they're asleep or awake, and it can even detect when they're crying or rolling over. The parent unit – a wristband you wear like a watch – can track your sleep and activity level, and offers visual and vibration alerts about your baby.

Video: No | Two-way talk: No | Night vision: No
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: Yes |​ App control: Yes
Screen size: N/A

Rachel (5W): "Set up was a little complex for this tired mum but once up and running I could tell this was a well-designed, clever piece of kit. One great feature is being able to track not only the room temperature but also Roman’s body temperature. Another plus point is being able to play a lullaby via the smart hub when Roman stirs – you just press a button on the app."

Henrietta (7M/2Y): "I love that I can wear this as a watch, leaving my hands free to prepare lunch etc. The parent device tracks your sleep and activity level too – not sure I’d want to know how little sleep I was getting in the early days but it’s great for proving how much you deserve that nap/extra biscuit/cup of tea! Should you have any technical difficulties, the support is outstanding."

Aileen (11M/3Y): "This was complex to set up and we had some connectivity issues but the online support team were excellent and responded quickly. It has lots of innovative features – it can monitor your activity, mood and sleep, plus it tracks baby’s feeds, changes and naps. It’s ideal for a tech-savvy parent with the time to get to grips with it, but I found I preferred using a traditional video monitor."

Read our full review of the Bluebell Smart Monitoring System which won bronze in the Mother&Baby Awards 2021.

VTech VM5463 Video Baby Monitor

Best for camera panning

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This baby monitor won Bronze in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.

We say: Keep an eye on your baby with the VTech VM5463 Video Baby Monitor. You can tilt, pan, and zoom the camera so you can get a clear view of what's going on. You can also zoom up to 1.33x to see more detail. There's also a temperature sensor that keeps you informed of the temperature of your baby's room. Plus, create a soothing atmosphere with the adaptive night light and projection light on the baby unit. You can choose from 7 different colours of night light or project a starry night onto the ceiling, and even set it to automatically switch on if the monitor detects noise.

Video: Yes | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: Yes
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: Yes |​ App control: No
Screen size: 5-inch high-resolution colour LCD

Jennifer says: "Very impressive! We are very happy with this baby monitor. The picture quality is fantastic. Very clear picture and sound. It is nice being able to play nursery rhymes and also night show projection future is great. It has pan-tilt-zoom which is great, I haven’t needed it yet but when my son starts moving in his bed it will be very helpful to check him."

Denise says: "Very easy to set up. Controls are straightforward and don't require too much reading of the instructions before use. Wall mount included so can be easily positioned. Lots of extras- light display, music and the night light make life easier as not needed to be bought separately. Large coloured display screen meaning excellent viewing of baby."

Annie says: "When it comes to a baby monitor this ticks most of the boxes. It has fantastic range, great picture and sound quality and the connection doesn't drop so it's both good functionally and is reliable. Monitoring my baby is a breeze with this unit and most importantly its reliable connection offers great reassurance which has to be the most important aspect. The addition of a monitor of this quality makes those early stages of moving your baby into their own room far easier than with lesser quality monitors, at this stage you are always on edge so the addition of a quality microphone and crisp picture saves a lot of room visits which in most cases would disturb baby more."

Read our full review of the VTech 5463 Baby Monitor here.

Babymoov YOO Moov 360° Video Baby Monitor

Best for ease of use
baby moov

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This baby monitor won Silver in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.

We say: This 360 award-winning video monitor is for the mummies and daddies who like to be plugged in with the highest level of technology. It's efficient, calms your baby with a selection of sounds, lights up when it's operating and pairing is activated, and is easy to use. The YOO Moov means you can keep an eye on your baby without waking them up from their deep sleep.

Video: Yes | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: Yes
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: No |​ App control: No
Screen size: 4.3-inch digital screen

Annie says: "I would recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum as it is incredibly easy to use and instantly provides peace of mind when you are not in the same room as your baby. The images are clear and reset quickly between daylight and nighttime so that the image is never compromised. It is very easy to set up and is reliable."

Ellen says: "This product is easy to set up and the quality of the picture and sound is very good. I love that the camera has a night light and that you can change the colour and even play music. The signal is very good- we have an old house with thick walls, however, it was no issue picking up the camera on the monitor."

Linsey says: "Using the VOX setting on the monitor means that we are not constantly listening out for our baby stirring or making noise- when either of these things happen the screen will power back on and alert us to this. Previous monitors we've used have not had this function so one eye really has to be constantly on the screen to ensure we're not missing anything. The screen on the Yoo Moov 360 monitor is a great size, and the quality of the picture is clear as day- this coupled with the sensitive VOX setting makes for a really high end, reassuring product."

Read the full Babymoov YOO Moov 360° Video Baby Monitor review here.

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Best for AI technology

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This baby monitor won Gold in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.

We say: Cubo Ai is a beautifully designed award-winning baby monitor with proactive A.I. alerts for little one's sleep, safety, and memories. It's appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers. Cubo Ai was created with proprietary technology to proactively warn parents of dangerous situations in real-time such as covered face events so that parents can step in when their babies need them most. Every Cubo Ai feature is designed to enhance baby safety and store lasting memories. Cubo Ai's mission is to help every parent in the world find peace of mind and joy in their parenting journey.

Video: Yes | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: Yes
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: Yes |​ App control: Yes
Screen size: HD 1080P image on mobile device

**Sabine says:** “The monitor comes with a range of background noises that I found very useful as there is no need for an extra device. We use the lullabies in our bedtime routine, and the rain sounds like white noise while she sleeps. The monitor unit also doesn’t have a bright visible light like many other monitors, which usually distracts my daughter when she wakes up. Still, both the daytime and nighttime video quality is very good. There is the option of enabling a night light if you wish to do so.”

Chelsea says: “The Cubo Ali has changed my life with my baby as it has made me less anxious about putting my baby to sleep in their own room. Before we had the Cubo Ali, I was having to spend at least an hour at night trying to settle baby with white noise from YouTube. With having the Cubo Ali smart monitor, I am now able to soothe baby from my phone and activate the white noise, which frees my time up to spend with my older child before he goes to bed too. As a result, it has allowed my two children to bond more as the older child is no longer jealous that baby is taking up all my time.”

**Rebecca says:** "The white noise and lullaby feature is amazing. I struggled so much with my firstborn trying to juggle multiple things to help soothe my baby with a regular baby monitor as well and a white noise teddy that needed new battery's every day. It was a nightmare, but this smart monitor is fantastic for all these features in one; it has the night light, different lullaby's and sounds as well as all the alerts it has to offer."

Read more mum reviews of the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor here.

BT Audio Baby Monitor 450

Best for affordability
BT Audio Baby Monitor 450

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We say: If you don’t need video functionality, this is unbeatable value for money and it’s packed with lots of extras. The sound quality is excellent, and if you don’t want to hear every little snuffle, you can turn the volume off and keep an eye on the LED lights for signs of stirring. There are 18 lullabies to help your little one drift off, and it has two-way talkback for reassuring your baby when you’re not in the room.

Video: No | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: N/A
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: No | App control: No
Screen size: 1.8" unit

Rachel (5W): "If you don’t need video and movement monitoring, this is perfect. It’s great value for money and has far more features than you’d expect from a budget monitor. It’s also really compact and lightweight – perfect for taking on holiday. The sound quality is excellent and the two-way talkback feature means I can try settling Roman remotely when I’m busy downstairs – although this hasn’t been terribly successful yet!"

Henrietta (7M/2Y): "This is really good value for money, with lots of extra features. It’s so easy to set up that I barely needed to look at the instructions – perfect for the sleep-deprived parent! The audio is incredibly clear. I was confident that I would hear the very first squeak my son made when waking. The music function is brilliant and has so many options, from nature sounds to classical music."

Aileen (11M/3Y): "A great little audio monitor that does exactly what it says on the box – it’s ideal for very young babies who aren’t moving around much. It’s excellent value for money, with lots of handy features – lullabies, a nightlight, a temperature gauge and a crying alert. I like that you can easily control everything from the parent unit. The extra-long cable means I can position it wherever I need it."

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor

Best for range
 Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor

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We say: With a range of up to 300m, this is ideal if you’re often at the other end of the house or on a different floor when your baby naps or goes to bed. It’s not a video monitor, so you won’t be able to see what’s happening in their room, but the sound quality is good. It has volume control and a nightlight plus two-way talkback. The parent unit has a rechargeable docking station and displays the room temperature.

Video: No | Two-way talk: Yes | Night vision: N/A
Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: No |​ App control: No

Rachel (5W): "If you’re looking for practicality over complex gadgetry, this is a basic but very reliable monitor. It’s very reasonably priced, so if you’re looking for a simple-to-use audio monitor, I think this is a good option and great value for money. It’s not as stylish as some of the other monitors we tested but it’s good quality, easy to set up, and does everything you need it to."

Henrietta (7M/2Y): "The physical design of this cordless monitor is really well thought through. The rechargeable docking station makes it really flexible and portable compared to other monitors – I’d like to take it camping and use it to monitor my baby while I watch the sun setting. I love the paging feature – brilliant for helping you locate the parent unit when you pop it down and promptly forget where you left it!"

Aileen (11M/3Y): "This is very easy to set up and intuitive to use – you don’t have to faff around reading instructions or trying to figure out how it works. The whole device is sturdy and well made, and everything about it is self-explanatory. I need a video monitor with the option to pan the camera remotely so I can track my very wriggly baby, so this isn’t quite right for me."

What's the best baby monitor? - Our verdict

Of all our baby monitors that were rigorously tested, top of the list for our mum testers was the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor with Video and Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor. They may be expensive, but they're well worth the money according to our testers, offering fantastic sensor features for peace of mind.

Other good brands that didn’t make our list include Arlo and Kodak amongst others. Feel free to read our reviews of other products here. If you are looking to buy your baby monitors from a high street store, Boots, Tesco and Argos have some options, but make sure you check over the features to ensure it meets your needs.

One brilliant invention to monitor your sleeping baby (even if you don't need to see them) are motion sensor pads. These plates lay under your baby's mattress and alert you if your little one doesn't move or breathe for a period of time so that you can go and check on them. Similarly, newer innovations mean that there are baby wearables to help monitor your baby's movement, but most mums didn't rate these as high as being able to see and hear baby.

Additional features to look out for on a baby monitor:

Screen: With a video monitor, the parent unit has a screen that displays the camera footage. Make sure the screen size is adequate, and that the controls are easy to use, especially in the dark.
WIFI: If you choose a monitor which relies on wifi connectivity, make sure it’s compatible with your router and that your signal is up to the task. Check if the baby unit needs to be near your router for optimum efficiency.
Pan, zoom, and tilt: If your baby moves around a lot or if you have two children sharing a room, a video monitor with a camera that you can control remotely from the parent unit is very useful, as you can scan the room or reposition the camera without disturbing your baby.
Baby sensor pads: As mentioned above, these are great to keep an eye on your baby's breathing and movement during the night. 
Temperature gauge: A thermometer is a useful feature on a monitor as it enables you to check the temperature in the room without disturbing your baby, alerting you if it’s too hot or cold.
Night mode: If you want to be able to check on your baby via the monitor in the dark, choose one with night mode or infrared functionality.
Battery life: Most parent units are battery operated – if you’re likely to forget to plug it in overnight, choose one that charges quickly or has a portable docking station so you can charge it while in use.
Portability: If you’ll take your monitor on holiday, choose one that’s lightweight and portable. If it relies on wifi connectivity, make sure you’ve got that wherever you’re going!
Sound quality: Don’t overlook audio when you’re buying a video monitor – good sound quality is essential because you won’t always be glued to the screen.
Style and design: A monitor that resembles a heavy-duty surveillance camera might have excellent functionality, but choose the one you’ll be happy to look at every day.

Risks and safety

Take time to ensure your baby's monitor is in a secure location in your baby's nursery where it won't get knocked over. If it's on the wall, regularly check the fittings in case it starts to come loose over time. Double-check your digital security too, especially if your monitor connects to the internet in some way. Use strong and unique passwords for your Wi-Fi and any apps and use two-factor authentication where at all possible. This requires people to use a code generated by a text message or app to sign into a specific account and ensures a secure way of protecting your information, preventing hackers or stolen information.

How to help your baby sleep soundly

This Morning’s sleep expert and creator of the acclaimed ‘spaced soothing’ sleep technique, Jo Tantum, suggests giving your baby a comforter to help them at naptime and through the night. "I always use a muslin square as this is the lightest material you can get and is breathable. Knot it in the middle, so it's safe. You can also put it down your top before you give it to your baby, so it smells of you, as it will comfort them."

Read the rest of Jo's tips.

Alongside comforters and sleep cues, there are so many different things you can add to your tot's nursery to help them sleep soundly, from their cot to mobile. Although your baby will probably be sleeping beside your bed in a Moses basket for the next six months, after that there are loads of brilliant cots on the market for your baby to get some rest in. You can take a look here at our pick of the best cots but it's important to think about durability, adjustable height, and different accessories you can add to your baby's cot to help them get a better night's sleep.

There is also a range of nursery accessories that will help your little one sleep, such as room humidifiersbaby room thermometers, and weighted blankets to help your baby drift off to sleep in their relaxing nursery.

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