The best nighttime nappies to keep babies and toddlers protected from leaks

Night time nappies

by Lily Anderson |

Babies wake and feed more regularly when they are newborns, so keeping them dry in their nappies is not too much of an issue, thanks to the best nighttime nappies.

But as your baby grows and gets older, they will be feeding more and (hopefully) sleeping for longer, which means you will need nighttime nappies that offer better protection from any leaks. It is also important to ensure your child stays dry to prevent any sores from developing from prolonged wetness.

If your tot isn't quite ready for potty training, or they are potty trained during the day but still need nappies or pull-ups at night, it's totally normal. It's likely because they are deep sleepers, and their bodies haven’t learned to wake up when they need the toilet during the night.

Expert tips around potty training

Amanda Jenner of the Potty Training Academy points out that every child is different when it comes to the potty training milestone, and while some are ready by 18 months, it can still be up to three years old for others. For nighttime training, she says, “What I suggest is you get potty training fully underway and get them completely dry in the day for at least a month before you even consider nighttime training. But don’t start nighttime training until you notice that in the morning their nappy is almost dry, this is an indication that they’re ready to start."

Read our full guides on potty training and nighttime potty training, so you're prepared for the adventure!

Tips to keep your child dry if they are not ready to be potty trained:

  • Check the nappy size

  • Change their nappy as close to bedtime as possible

  • Invest in a protective mattress cover or use disposable mattress covers

  • Find a nappy brand that suits you and your child

Why is my child not ready to be potty trained at night?

According to the NHS, “most children can control their bowels before their bladder.” So, by age one, most babies have stopped doing poos at night, by age two, some children will be dry during the day, and by age three, nine out of 10 children will be dry most day but can still have the odd accident, and by age four are most children reliably dry during the day.

“It usually takes a little longer for children to learn to stay dry throughout the night. Although most learn this between the ages of three and five, up to one in five children aged five sometimes wet the bed. Most parents start thinking about potty training when their child is between two and two and a half, but there's no perfect time.”

Best nighttime nappies for your baby

Below we have rounded up the best nighttime nappies as tested by other parents that you can use at night, including both disposable and reusable options depending on what you prefer to use.

ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies

Best nighttime nappy overall
Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies from Asda

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Awarded Gold in the Mother&Baby Awards 2022 for Best Value Disposable Nappy. Read the full review here.

ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies are wonderfully soft and breathable for your little angel. Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, feather-soft materials and SmartFlo™ absorbency ensure sensitive skin is cared for, and moisture is absorbed quickly and evenly for comfort. Super-soft leg cuffs and a super-stretchy waistband help prevent leaks, and super-absorbent gel beads lock away wetness for up to 12 hours. A handy size guide shows you when it is time to go up a size, and fun, friendly woodland characters make change time more fun. All from 6.6p per nappy and also available in affordable jumbo packs.

Suitable for: 14 months | Size: Size 5

Material: Cotton | Lining: Cotton

Pack contains: 40 nappies | Hypoallergenic

Dryness promise: Up to 12 hours

Real mum tester Hannah: "Nappies are spacious and fit my 19-month-old son very well, meaning he is less likely to leak at night-time. They are not too bulky though, compared with other supermarket brands, so his movement is not inhibited. They are of a standard design and seem to hold a lot of fluid. My son doesn’t mind wearing them!"

Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry Nappies

Best nighttime nappies for affordability
Nutmeg Ultra Dry Nappies Size 5

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These nappies received Silver in the Mother&Baby Awards 2021 for Best Value Disposable Nappy and were shortlisted for 2022. Read the full review here.

Affordable and soft, these Morrisons nappies went down well with our panel of mum testers. Unlike others on the market, these do not get bulky and saggy and will last overnight with no leaks.

They said: "With an ultra-thin, absorbent core system, soft flexible sides and leg cuffs for leak protection to keep your little one comfortable and dry. Made for new adventures, these nappies have a secure fit and are super absorbent for little ones on the go. Our waistband helps you know when it's time for your baby to move up size and the nappies are super soft, with a specially shaped core to keep new arrivals comfy and dry. Made for round the clock comfort, the nappies are super soft and stretchy, with anti-leak leg cuffs for around the clock comfort."

Suitable for: 14 months | Size: Size 5

Material: Cotton | Lining: Cotton

Pack contains: 72 nappies | Hypoallergenic

Dryness promise: Up to 12 hours

Real mum review Charlotte: "I would say that this product is very reliable in that it is secure with the tabs not coming undone and that I have not experienced any leaking. Also, as my little one only wakes once a night for a feed, unless she has soiled her nappy, I tend to just leave the nappy change till the morning so I don’t wake her fully. I also haven’t experienced any leaking when it has been on for 11 or 12 hours, the only exception being if she has soiled her nappy. The nappies are very soft to the touch, meaning that I have no concerns in putting them on my baby’s delicate skin. She hasn’t had any reactions to the nappies and I would be happy to use these nappies again."

Pampers Baby-Dry Night Nappy Pants

Pampers Baby Dry Night

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A well-recognised brand, Pampers offers a selection across their Baby-Dry range that will protect your tot and allow them to have a peaceful night's sleep. The night nappy pants promise up to 12 hours of protection thanks to a boosted core that absorbs wetness instantly. Easy-On in just one pull, and they're easy to remove by tearing the sides.

Suitable for: 10-14 months | Size: Sizes 4-6

Pack contains: 32 nappies | Double cuff legs to prevent leakage

Dryness promise: Up to 12 hours

Fred & Flo Ultra Dry Nappies

Fred u0026amp; Flo Ultra Dry Nappies

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Tesco's Fred & Flo range regularly feature in the Mother&Baby Awards for its highly recommended products and reviews. The Ultra Dry Nappies are super absorbent which is perfect for active days and cosy nights. The slim and secure fit means there is room for baby to wiggle but without worries of any leaks.

Suitable for: 10-14 months | Size: Sizes 4-6

Pack contains: 48 nappies | Gentle against skin

Dryness promise: Up to 12 hours

Review: "This diaper is really good and affordable. I couldn't get the brand I was using before I moved cities and now I use this. It is super absorbent and does a great job through the night."

Bambo Nature Dreamy Girl/Boy Premium Night Pants

Best nighttime nappies for older children
Bambo Nature Dreamy GirlBoy Premium Night Pants

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A biodegradable alternative to disposable or reusable nappies but for older children still wetting the bed. These nappy pants by Bambo Nature are discreet, extra soft and certified eco-friendly with no perfume, parabens or harmful chemicals. They are available for both boys and girls ages 4-7 and 8-15.

Suitable for: 4-7 years | Size: Medium

Material: Chemical free | Sustainable packaging

Pack contains: 6 packs x 10 nappy pants

Review: "I'm impressed with these eco friendly pants... my 7 year old is still wetting herself every night and has had 'full' pull ups each morning. We used Drynites for ages as I'd not been able to find an eco friendly alternative that worked or that were big enough. I was a bit unsure if these would work, but these are great. I should say, we buy the biggest size (8-15) as my daughter says she prefers a bigger fit."

TotBots Bamboozle Stretch Night Nappies

Best reusable nighttime nappy overall
TotBots Bamboozle Stretch Night Nappies

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This eco nappy won Gold in the 2021 and Bronze in the 2022 Best Reusable Nappy category in the Mother&Baby Awards. Read our full review here.

These cute reusable nappies are soft, bright and comfy. What’s more, they’re also super absorbent and fit nice and snug thanks to the poppers. We love the fact they come with a handy instruction leaflet for those who are trying reusable nappies for the first time. The only downside? They take a while to dry after washing and can be quite bulky, however they are still a good night-time nappy.

Some mums found it took a little practice to get used to them at first but found them to be really good quality and fitted really well without leaving marks.

Suitable for: From birth | Size: Sizes 1-2

Material: Bamboo

Mum tester Georgina said: "I was a little unsure about trying reusable nappies at first as I thought they would be difficult and messy to use but these nappies have actually made the transition very easy. They were extremely easy to use and my little boy remained dry throughout the night which I was really surprised at as even with some of the top branded disposable nappies this hasn't always been the case."

Close Pop-in Puffin Bio Laminate Nappy

Best reusable nighttime nappy for value
Close Pop-in Puffin Bio Laminate Nappy

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This eco nappy was Shortlisted in the Best Reusable Nappy category Mother&Baby Awards 2021. Read our full review here.

These washable nappies have been designed with your little one’s comfort in mind. The birth-to-potty nappy is made from a unique, fast-wicking panel to keep excess moisture in the middle of the nappy and has a soft elasticated waist and legs. It has an easy hook and loop fastening and stretchy tabs for a great fit and easy, quick, one-step changes just like a disposable. It converts quickly from day to night with specially-designed boosters. It has a unique design and leakproof double leg gusset. The designs are cute and colourful, but if you have a wiggly baby, you might find these nappies slightly complicated to put on and take off.

Suitable for: From newborn

Material: 100% polyester PU coated, Bamboo (viscose) blend

Mum tester Laura said: "Great value for money, and hold their value in the re-sell market as well, so it is worth spending that little bit extra. My babies seem very comfortable in the nappies and didn’t have any nappy rash. They could comfortably wear them for over three hours with no leaks and they are a great night option too."

Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4 Pack

Best reusable nighttime nappy luxury
Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4 Pack

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These reusable nappies were shortlisted for Mother&Baby Awards 2022 for Best Reusable Nappy. Read the full parent review here.

Modibodi have launched a baby range of sustainable and reusable baby products which include reusable nappies and bamboo nappy liners. Adapting to every growing baby, their nappies has been developed with a one size fits most design for babies between 5kg and 18kg. Designed for multi-tasking modern parents, each nappy can be simply thrown in the wash, meaning no soaking, no special detergents, no scrubbing and no stains all whilst being free from harmful chemicals and Oeko-Tex 100 Class-1 certified – the highest safety standard. Each four pack of reusable nappies comes in unique, modern and stylish designs, provides 12 hours' overnight protection, and they can hold up to one litre of leaks!

Suitable for: One Size Fits Most (tested on babies from 5kg to 18kg)

Material: Polyester outer | Lining: Polybrush/Elastane | Absorbent Layer: Polyester, Polyamide

Pack contains: 4 nappies and 4 boosters

Dryness promise: Up to 12 hours

Review: "We've used reusable nappies for the last two years and none compare. We use these at night for our 2yo and 5mo and this product leaks less than any other. Quick drying, comfortable and easy to wash. A must have."

Littles & Bloomz Reusable Pocket Cloth Nappy

Best reusable nighttime nappy with bamboo inserts
Littles & Bloomz Reusable Pocket Cloth Nappy

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A highly absorbent, comfortable nappy, the fleecy inner layer will keep moisture away from your baby’s skin and the waterproof PUL laminated outer layer keeps wetness in. Good value for money, there are a whopping 104 designs to choose from and you can choose to buy just the nappy (if you prefer disposable inserts), a bamboo insert, microfibre insert, or charcoal insert instead.

Suitable for: One size fits most (newborn to potty around 3-15kg)

Material: PUL laminated waterproof nappy shell with soft fleece inner layer

Mum Rachel on Amazon said: "I bought twelve of these nappies along with some microfibre and some bamboo inserts, and have used them with my baby since she was 2 months old. The inserts are super absorbent, which means her wees aren't sitting against her skin for hours on end when she sleeps longer at night, and the wraps dry really quickly after washing. (Just FYI, I've found the bamboo inserts take a bit longer to dry). The poppers mean I can make the nappy 'smaller' to fit her now, and as she gets bigger, I won't need to do them up so much that we can - hopefully - keep using them until she's potty trained."

Kit & Kin Zebra Reusable Cloth Nappy

Kit & Kin Reusable Cloth Nappy

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Keep your baby's bottom dry and comfy for up to twelve hours, thanks to the super absorbent and gentle 100 per cent naturally-derived core inside this cloth nappy from Kit & Kin. Featuring an adorable zebra print, it is made from sustainable and plant-based materials. With every nappy helping to rescue two plastic bottles from landfill, it's kind to your baby's skin and the planet!

Suitable for: One size fits most (handy poppers and adjustable waist help to fit your baby's shape as they grow)

Material: 55 per cent hemp, 45 per cent Tencel

Review: "This reusable nappy is very easy to use and clean, it absorbs quite well and prevents blowouts, cute design is a bonus."

Disposable vs reusable nappies

When you become a parent, you may want to think about eco-friendly options when selecting nappies. If your baby was to wear nappies daily until they were around two and a half (the age when many tots are potty trained), it's likely you will have used around 900 nappies, which take hundreds of years to decompose!

Some parents will still pick disposable nappies for their newborn, some only reusable nappies, while others opt for a mix of both. It's entirely up to you as a parent what you decide and there is no right or wrong choice. Here are some pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

Disposable nappies

Disposable nappies are often the go-to for new parents, they are more convenient and save you a lot of time if you are busy trying to juggle taking care of your newborn along with a whole load of cloth nappy laundry.

Although you are producing more waste, when you're out and about you can throw away a disposable nappy rather and carry it around with you until you get home to wash it. They vary in price points depending on which brand you choose to buy, so for some parents, it's easier to manage on a smaller budget - but don't forget, it adds up in the long run.

Disposable nappies use harmless chemicals to lock in wetness, which is a plus so that your baby doesn't leak, but some parents may be concerned about any chemicals near their baby.

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Reusable nappies

Not only are they better for the environment, but reusable nappies are also said to be softer on your baby’s skin. They are less likely to spill and help make potty training easier.

However, while it's assumed reusable nappies are more eco-friendly because you are sending less waste to landfills, they need to be washed and dried at 60 degrees - the recommended temperature from the Department of Health.

You will need to check whether your washing machine and tumble dryer are energy-efficient. Depending on how you choose to wash and dry your cloth nappies, you will be producing higher amounts of carbon emissions if they are not.

Cloth nappies are cheaper than disposable nappies, but initial costs are higher. However, because you won't need to keep buying more, they are considered a more affordable option.

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