Best baby and toddler wetsuits to stay warm and snug

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The British seaside may be beautiful, but let's not kid ourselves - there is one thing we don't have that our neighbours across the channel do, the heat. Heatwaves and scorchers don't happen all summer long, so it is good to be prepared for the chilly Atlantic ocean.

Up until the age of two, children cannot regulate their temperature, and it's easy for them to get chilly when in the sea or pool. Baby and toddler wetsuits are a fantastic way to keep your baby and toddler insulated and happy while splashing about in the ocean.

If you are planning a trip to the seaside or abroad and want to be sure your baby or toddler stays warm, then we have selected the best wetsuits, and baby swim wraps to ensure your little one stays snug and enjoys their day in the sand and sea.

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What to consider when buying a baby and toddler wetsuit

There are different forms of wetsuits, from short ones to full-length ones. If you are more likely to be doing spring and summer swimming, opt for a short wetsuit. It will keep your baby and toddler warm without overheating. For colder months or long days spent on windy beaches or in cold pools, you can also get long wetsuits or one with an added fleece lining for an extra layer of warmth.

Most wetsuits are made from neoprene: a quick-drying, insulating fabric available in different thicknesses. Naturally, the thicker the material is, the warmer it will be. So this means it will have less range of movement too. For outdoor adventures, UPF protection from the sun is a fantastic addition to keep your child safe from strong rays.

Squeezing a wriggly child into a tight wetsuit is never an easy task, so a wetsuit that is easy to get on and off is a good idea. Look for wetsuits with wide openings and long zips at the front or back.

Body wraps are another option that are perfect for smaller babies as they lie out completely flat and wrap around the body. However, you'll need a swimsuit and swim nappy underneath before your baby is ready to go. Some innovative wetsuits have an integrated nappy inside – a smart option that will save money in the long run.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the best toddler and baby wetsuits with designs that your little one will love.

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