The best gift ideas for new parents: Buy them stuff they really need

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by Samantha Ball |

When your little one is born, all the gifts can be overwhelming. And while all new parents are grateful for the gestures, they’re probably thinking what on earth are they going to do with the mountain of 0-3-months clothing filling their home.

If you're not a parent and are buying a present for a new mum or dad, baby clothing always seems like a safe option. But if you have a little browse you can find a gift that will last a lot longer than a sleepsuit a newborn might never even wear since mum and dad probably have 100 others to get through.

It’s always a struggle buying new parents gifts for themselves and their little one, so take a look at the perfect gift guide that any new parent will really be grateful for.

The best gift ideas for new parents

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Baby Gumz Teething Mitt

Baby Gumz Teething Mitt

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There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a teething little one, and you just never know when they will start. It’s really useful to have teething products on hand, so this mitt that attaches comfortably to baby’s hand is perfect for when those little toothies become irritable.

Review: "My daughter (5 months) loves her teething mitten! She started chewing her hand and shoving her fingers down her throat so I decided to get her a mitt to see if it helped even though we have no teeth coming through yet and it's brilliant (and keeps her occupied for ages!). I've bought so many teething toys that aren't the right shape and this is excellent for her."

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Suitcase Gift Set

child's farm

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You can never have too many baby products and this Childs Farm kit is a must for new parents. The products are all perfect for throwing into a changing bag when the family is on the go and they’re gentle to use on baby’s sensitive skin.

The set includes a baby wash, baby bedtime bubbles, baby moisturiser, baby bath thermometer. and nappy cream.

Review: "Bought these for my new granddaughter. Her parents were concerned she may have sensitive skin as her father does and runs in the family. The whole range is great. This was a little case with essentials. Very pleased with purchase, good value for money."

Childs Farm has been a Mother&Baby Award winner for five years in a row!

Halilit Shake, Jingle & Roll Musical Set


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Sensory development is important to baby's development, so rather that overloading mum and dad with cuddly toys, why not get some musical toys that can help stimulate the little one's senses. Each of the three toys emit different sounds that help develop early music and sensory skills.

Review: "So pleased I bought this. My 3 month old granddaughter adores them. Grips them easily. Fascinated that she can make sounds with 2 of them by shaking. Also likes chewing them. Brilliant purchase which we will get a lot of use from."

Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid

Tommy Tippee owl

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This little owl will become a newborn's best friend. You can even take this little guy on the go as it can be attached to cots, prams, and even car seats. It plays four soothing sounds, such as a heartbeat, white noise and rainfall with adjustable volume settings. If baby cries then the Ollie The Owl light and sound sleep aid will respond by playing 20 minutes of soothing sounds or lullabies to help settle the baby back to sleep - exactly what new parents need!

This one is USB rechargeable, but there is a battery-powered option too.

Review: "It is one of the best buys for my newborn son. It has a good selection on lullabies as well as sound of heartbeat, waterfall and most importantly white noise. This is the sound which makes my son fall asleep quickly. I think the owl really helped me establish night routine with my son as he knows it’s time to sleep when he hears the owl.

"Other feature which I really like is the light - it has 3 different levels of night light. When I first got the owl and switched on the light I thought it was very weak but soon changed my mind at night. The eyes adjust to it quickly in darkness and it is just perfect level of lighting to allow you to see your baby without waking him/ her up.

"It charges through usb cable and mine takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and lasts me roughly a week. Definitely recommend the owl!"

The Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light and Sound Sleep Aids won Bronze for Best Sleep Product at our 2021 Mother&Baby Awards.

Tommee Tippee No Touch Forehead Thermometer

Tommee Tippee Thermometer

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New parents will feel a lot more at ease when taking their newborns temperature. This clever device is the perfect gift as it can easily track their baby's temperature plus, it can even measure the surface temperature of milk or baby food with infrared mode. It's super easy to use and quick with a fast two second reading.

Review: "Gift for daughter. She loves this so much she donated her other ear thermometers to a local hospital children’s ward."

The Tommee Tippee No Touch Forehead Thermometer was also Shortlisted for Best Safety Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards.

INvench Activity Cube Baby Toys


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This cube can provide endless amounts of fun for any baby. The six piece attachments provide different experiences to help develop your little one's imagination and hand eye coordination. Each side of the cube will unravel a new activity, from animal sounds and rotating rattles to a beads maze. It's recommended for babies aged 10 months and up, so new parents will appreciate having this toy ready for their baby before their first birthday.

Review: "Finley seems to love his new cube even although he is only 8 months. It is bigger than I expected so very pleased. Great toy for a little one and educative as well."

FreeRider Baby Sling Carrier

Baby Sling

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Trying to juggle housework with a crying baby can be difficult. This baby carrier is the perfect solution, helping baby feel close to his parents and comforted while freeing up mum's and dad's hands. A carrier is great on walks when you don't want to take the pram, and sometimes all baby needs to feel comforted is to be close to you.

All FreeRider slings are made from 100 per cent TENCEL™, are super soft and breathable, and come in a range of cool, beautiful designs.

Review: "I purchased this sling for our new great granddaughter who is due to make her debut in 2 weeks time. I am told by her mummy that the sling is beautiful, very soft and of the highest quality, thank you for supplying such a great product."

The FreeRider Baby Sling Carriers have been Mother&Baby Award winners since 2019.

Zacro Baby Car Mirror


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Rear-facing car seats make it hard to know how your baby is doing while you're driving. This baby car mirror attaches to the backseat headrest, meaning you can keep your eye on your newborn on even the shortest of car journeys.

Review: "Wanted to be able to see my daughter in my rear view mirror so went for this, wraps around the head rest and when I first put it on it seemed secure enough after giving it some rough tugging to make sure it wasn't going to fall off on her while driving, used it without any issues until she was old enough to be turned around."

Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush

Baby Banana

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This teething banana toothbrush is perfect to have around the house for when a baby starts teething. It’s also great for introducing the idea of brushing teeth. It’s made from silicon, and the peel handles make it easier for those little hands to hold.

Review: "This is lightweight and easy for a young baby to hold. We used it as a toothbrush initially and then as a teether. It is still in perfect condition a year later so is really good value for money. It is compact so can fit in a handbag easily to take with you."

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Snap

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While this might be a group investment, new parents will cherish this camera just as much as those precious family moments. When parents take photos, they tend to end up with thousands on their phone but nothing physical to show, so they’ll really appreciate this gift. It's pocket sized, so it doesn’t take up much room in a changing bag either, and comes in a choice of six colours.

Review: "Easily one of the best presents I have ever brought the wife. She absolutely loves the camera, and it gives you instant memories at the time of taking. The pictures are small enough to fit into a purse so she keeps rotating to new ones. The camera is amazing, and the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys taking snaps and saving perfect memories."

Baltic Secret New Amber Bracelet

baltic bracelet

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Jewellery that parents can treasure is always a great gift, but this bracelet has a lot of benefits too. Amber can help ease teething pain and even soothes, encouraging sleep. This bracelet is perfect for little ones to wear on their wrists or ankles and help to comfort them naturally.

Review: "Lovely product and exactly what I wanted. Would make a lovely gift. But do measure... I ordered the small size and it didn’t last us long."

Joie Dreamer Rocker

Joie Dreamer Rocker - Petite City

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A baby bouncer can be a real life-saver - suddenly you can put your baby down for a few minutes and do the washing up, or maybe even treat yourself to a shower. New parents will LOVE you if you buy them this as a gift.

The Joie Baby Dreamer Rocker has a position reclining seat, two position adjustable leg rest and has soothing sounds and vibrations to calm little ones. Plus there's a rotating toy bar with three adorable toys for playtime fun. It's lightweight and can easily be compact folded for easy storage and travelling.

Review: "Purchased this for my granddaughter who loves sitting in it. Great baby seat and rocker combined in one. It collapses easily for storing or for travelling. Good quality fabric and great value for money."

NoseFrida The Snot Sucker


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Yes, really. It sounds disgusting - and, well, really is. But this is a game-changer when your newborn has a snotty cold and there's no way you can teach a one-month-old baby to blow their nose. Trust us on this one! Plus, we can almost guarantee it's not something the parents would have bought on their own accord.

Review: "This might be the single greatest invention for a baby. Seriously. I had a conversation with my wife asking “how else would you get out bogies without this?!” I have no idea. My daughter hates having slimy grey snot sucked out of her nose but the sheer relief on her face is amazing."

Need some more inspiration? We'd recommend checking out our Mother&Baby Award winners for Best Product for a Newborn. All are guaranteed to thrill new parents and have been tried and tested by real mums to make sure they're the best for new bundles of joy.

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