Meet The Mums – Jemma Britland

by Milton |

Jemma Britland, 28, and Daisy four months

As an independent person, having a baby has certainly been a rollercoaster ride but I wouldn't change it for anything!

Now that Daisy is four months old, the fun has really started – she's smiling, giggling and has her own unique little personality. While I'm so looking forward to her walking and talking, I'm savouring every sleepy cuddle as I know they won't last forever and there's nothing better than an afternoon nap with my baby girl in my arms.

Milton sterilising out and about

The travel bottle steriliser was really handy for taking away with us – when Daisy stayed with her grandparents overnight I could give them the steriliser rather than preparing lots of bottles of cooled boiled water for them to add milk too.

The dummy steriliser is really handy to attach to Daisy's changing bag and has been really useful as she throws her dummy out of the pram all the time. I would recommend the dummy steriliser as we are forever asking people to pour boiled water over her dummy when it falls on the floor when we're not at home.

And it means we've always got a clean one in the changing bag. It means I always have a clean dummy to hand – and it's cute! {#blog}

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