Meet The Mums – Jessica Silver

by Milton |

Jessica Silver, 23, mum to Emilia, four months and Phoebe, 5

Emilia is my second daughter, and everything this time round is extremely different. With my first daughter, I couldn’t stop worrying and buying all of the latest gadgets to try to improve her sleep. But with Emilia, everything is much more relaxed.

However, I do miss experimenting with new baby products. She is an incredible little girl and gets on with her older sister like a house on fire.

My fiancé is studying for a Psychology degree and I am hoping to return to studying soon, too.

Milton at home

I was very impressed with the Milton product range, and I will definitely continue to use some of their products as well as recommend them to friends and family. It was a nice surprise to find some different products that improve my day-to-day family life.

The spray made things easier within our household as it reduced the cleaning time, giving me more time with the children. I found the spray the most useful as it cleaned the surfaces efficiently with minimal effort.

The wipes came in as a close second as they cleaned just as well the only difference was that I had to use a few wipes for the larger surfaces, whereas the spray went a lot further. I would recommend the spray as it is effective, well priced and smells lovely. And I would also recommend the wipes because they work just as well and fit perfectly into the change bag.

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