Meet the Mums – Kathryn Clarkson

by Milton |

Kathryn Clarkson, 32, mum to Wilfred, seven months

I am a primary school teacher and mum to baby Wilfred. He was stubborn about joining us in the world and I was induced by drip at 42 weeks.I didn't know for sure that Wilfy would be a little man but had a strong feeling that he was of the "blue" variety, I was right!

Wilfy was always a fussy feeder and very colicky. We tried every colic treatment going. We later discovered he has silent reflux and he is now on three different drugs to treat this.

Nevertheless, he seems to be a quick learner

Milton sterilising out and about

Milton made things easier for me when we were out and about. I used the wipes and hand gel every day. They are really useful for keeping yourself and things that baby touches nice and clean. You can sterilise anything instantly.

The gel is really good if you change a nappy and there isn't anywhere to wash your hands and the Solo is great for sterilising when you don't have access to a microwave.

I love the concept of the Mini steriliser as dummies are always getting dropped. The sterilising fluid is also very useful for sterilising plastic toys that babies like to put in their mouths.

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