Meet the Mums – Megan Dittrich

by Milton |

Megan Dittrich, 20, mum to Ethan, three months

I love being a mum and watching Ethan grow and learn. As he was a premature baby, everything Ethan does is a miracle and I'm so proud of my little man for every smile I get from him.

He's changed so much since he was born and has put on a massive amount of weight and that is my proudest moment as a mum. He’s now doing everything a baby his age should.

I enjoy going to my friends’ houses with Ethan – and shopping for us both! We also spend a lot of time with my family and my two gorgeous nieces, who are aged two years and four months old.

Milton sterilising out and about

Milton products are amazing, quick and easy to use. I will be investing in a cold-water steriliser as it is so simple to use, especially as I have a lot of syringes to sterilise for my son's medicines.

I took the steriliser everywhere with me and it is especially useful for playgroups. I'm a single mum, so I need my bottles and items cleaned quickly and with the least fuss possible and the Milton products do this, especially the dummy case which is quick and portable.

I have recommended Milton to all my mummy friends.

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