Meet the Mums – Rae Lowe

by Milton |

Rae Lowe, 37, mum to Gideon, two months, Zachery, two, and Henry, four

We live in Whitley Bay in the north east of England. We live very close to the sea, so spend lots of time on the beach, and the boys enjoys arts and crafts too. I’m currently at home looking after my family, but will be looking for work once Gideon is a little older. Being mum to three small boys is chaotic, tiring and involves lots of Lego – but I love it!  Being baby number three, Gideon has had to fit in with us, but his big brothers love him lots. Currently, he’s fed breastmilk I express,

Milton at home review

I'm impressed. I'd previously thought of Milton as a little old fashioned, but I like the simplicity of it. The liquid can be used for all manner of things including cleaning out potties and nappy buckets. I even put some in the washing machine when there'd been a bedtime accident and was washing sheets. I used the combi steriliser at home, in the kitchen to sterilise bottles and breast pumps. Both the combi and the steriliser were very easy to use.

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