Meet The Mums – Victoria Lake

by Milton |

Victoria Lake, 26, mum to Fletcher, seven months

I am a stay-at-home mum and in April I will complete a childminding course and registering as a childminder so that I can look after Fletcher and other children at the same time and earn an income. This will take some pressure off of my poor husband who works long hours and supplements our income by being a soldier in the Territorial Army.

I expressed milk for Fletcher until he was four months old and then went on to bottle feeding with formula. He is just starting on solids.

Milton at home

The beauty of the cold-water steriliser is that it's eco-friendly, cheap to use and it is good to go for 24 hours at a time. I used the tablets in the sterilisers.

It's so easy – just pop them in! Bottle feeding is notoriously fiddly but this way of sterilising just takes the work out of it. I also loved the convenient wipes and I think Milton should consider creating some hand wipes too. I use the Milton fluid at home.

The spray is invaluable - a quick spray disinfects toys, equipment, tables and trays which gave me peace of mind that germs are killed and surfaces are clean.

The Combi is brilliant- if you run out of tablets/fluid you can still use it in the microwave and if you have a power cut or don't have access to a microwave you can still use it as a cold water sterillser - genius!

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