New book finds out who are the world’s best parents

Parent Planet

by Sophie Knight |

Planet Parent by Mark Woods aims to find out who the best parents in the world are, looking at the different parenting techniques from around the world.

Planet Parent takes you through the highs and lows of raising children with the world itself as your wise guide.

From morning sickness and fussy eaters to iPad addicts, education dilemmas and tumultuously tricky teenagers, the core challenges facing parents are strikingly similar the world over – but the way in which each country and culture deals with them is often astonishingly different.

In Planet Parent, Mark Woods looks in every corner of the globe to find the very best parenting tips; from the lowdown on early potty training success in China, which countries still co-sleep and exactly why French kids eat their greens rather than throw them. The world's best school systems are also given a thorough going into with the wildly differing but equally successful Scandinavian and SE Asian models compared. Then there's the small matter of what former Apple boss Steve Jobs thought about the screen time his own children should be allowed!

The result is a funny, fascinating book, which will be an invaluable source of wisdom and advice for parents everywhere.

Inspired by the birth of his first son, Mark Woods wrote Pregnancy for Men, which soon became an international bestseller.

Now Mark has taken this international perspective one step further and unearthed the best global perspectives on everything from fertility, pregnancy, sleep and feeding to learning, discipline and much more - all covered in the humorous, accessible, concise style that has already seen his books so well-received by mothers and fathers alike across a host of different countries.