Newborn baby essentials you actually need from day one


by Louella Berryman |

From baby clothes to the baby car seat, it can be overwhelming thinking just how much stuff one tiny person needs and the costs can soon mount up.

But the good news is that all these things can be easily split into what's a baby essential, and those bits and pieces that are by no means a must.

Even if the buggy's been ordered but hasn't arrived yet, don't stress! There are only some baby essentials that you need from day one. You can invest in that all-singing/all-dancing baby sensory system centre later…

To make things easier, and make sure you don’t forget anything important, we've broken everything down for you so you can simply follow our shopping lists below to help you tick off everything on your baby checklist. As with most things, we recommend that the earlier you start, the better as not only does this give you lots of time to do your research before your due date, but it'll spread out the cost of some of the bigger items too.

In this article:

  • Baby feeding essentials

  • Baby nappy essentials

  • Baby clothing essentials

  • Baby bathtime essentials

  • Baby nursery essentials

  • Baby health essentials

  • Baby gear essentials

  • Extras

Newborn baby essentials

Baby feeding essentials 

Baby nappy changing essentials 

Baby clothing essentials 

Baby bathtime essentials 

Baby nursery essentials 

Baby health essentials 

Baby gear essentials 

Added extras

newborn essentials

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