Stokke high chairs: tested by real parents

Stokke high chairs: tested by real parents

by Stephanie Anthony |

Combining skandi style with functionality,Stokke produces timeless designs that can grow with your child. Covering a range of categories including car seats, bathtime and nursery furniture, in this article we'll be getting real parent reviews of their high chairs.

Here's what our testers thought of Stokke's three high chair products:

What were your first impressions of each of the highchairs when you received them?

Laura: I thought the Clikk looked very small and compact, I received it in white so it looked quite basic once set up. Both the Steps and Tripp Trapp took some time to set up as assembly was more complex but both looked very impressive once completed. All three fitted easily within my kitchen and didn’t take up a lot of space so that was a great first impression!

What did you like most about the Steps, CLIKK and Tripp Trapp highchairs?

Faye: The adaptability of the Tripp Trapp chair is excellent and I have to admit, I am really impressed with it. We love the way the highchair can be adapted, not only with the different accessories, but changing the height of the seat and footrest is brilliant. Our toddler told me that she "loves it" and to be honest, its very difficult to get her out of the chair now. We love that she is sat correctly and its really helping her posture. The curved style of the Steps chair is really good as we felt it was a good next step for our toddler, from a traditional high chair as she feels safe in it. This chair is at her grandparents house as she goes regularly and she loves her "big girls" chair. It is a nice piece of furniture for their house. The ability to take the Clikk high chair with you is excellent and we love the way it collapses and can fit in the carry bag. We'll be taking it with us when we go for weekends away in the UK. We do also really love the fact it can be popped in the dishwasher.

Is there a feature you would like to see on Steps, CLIKK and Tripp Trapp in the future?

Laura: For the Clikk, I understand there are 2 positions for the foot rest however it would be good if different levels were available so you could move the foot rest up or down as your baby grows. It would be great if there could be easier assembly for both the Steps and Tripp Trapp; due to some of the positions it was very difficult to use the Allen key to secure the screws, this made set up quite time-consuming for both.

Would you use the any of the highchairs again? If so, which and why?

Laura: I would definitely use all three again dependent on babies’ age. My little girl is 7 months so the Clikk was most suitable for our needs however when looking after my twin nieces who are older, the Steps and Tripp Trapp were definitely more suitable. I think if I was to have a newborn I would opt for either the Steps or Tripp Trapp as these are both comprehensive high chairs that really grow with your child so you don’t need to worry about changing high chairs as they grow up.

Faye: Yes we will be using them all for a variety of reasons but our favourite by far is the Tripp Trapp. In fact I think we are going to buy another of these so our children have one each. We were blown away by the flexibility of the high chair, including the brilliant newborn attachment which means our 4-month-old boy can be part of meal times, and the ability to change it into a chair for an adult is perfect. Its provided us with an additional chair!

Would you recommend the Steps, CLIKK and Tripp Trapp to others?

Faye: Yes I'd definitely recommend them all. I've already advised a few family members and friends of how awesome and well worth the money that the Tripp Trapp is. Depending on what the person wanted from their highchair, I would recommend the different others too.

Laura: Yes I would definitely recommend all three of these high chairs. I would recommend the Steps or Tripp Trapp to first time parents as it’s such an important purchase and Stokke have really thought of all your needs when it comes to a high chair so that stress is taken away.

Which of the three highchairs would you purchase and why?

Faye: The Tripp Trapp and we may purchase another! We absolutely love the way it adapts according to the height of your child. We do love the newborn seat too. Our baby can comfortably be a part of family meal times which is excellent. The only thing is I wish the cushions were waterproof/wipeable as we are potty training!

More about the products

The Classical Design Icon, Tripp Trapp®

The Chair That Grows With The Child™, Tripp Trapp® is as iconic in design as it is in status. With an array of colours to choose from, perfect for matching at home interiors, Tripp Trapp brings your baby to the dining table and at the heart of the family to learn and develop with you. Made entirely from wood and with the possibility to be used from newborn to adult, not only is it sustainable, but it’s also perfect for passing on from generation to generation. For an added touch of personalisation, Tripp Trapp can also be engraved with your choice of name or initials, making it extra special for little ones.

RRP £189 from

The Perfect Feeding Chair, Stokke™ CLIKK®

Designed for easy mealtimes, the Stokke™ CLIKK® high chair can be assembled in 1 minute, tool-free. With detachable legs, it can conveniently be packed away as and when needed and with an additional travel bag, transportation is a breeze. Sleek and timeless in design, without any nooks or crannies for crumbs or germs, the tray is detachable and dishwasher safe and the chair can simply be wiped clean. Available in four colours to suit all tastes, CLIKK can be enjoyed from 6 months to 3 years with an adjustable footrest to provide comfort at each age.

RRP £149 from

The Complete & Modern Seating System, Stokke™ Steps™

The Stokke™ Steps™ 5-in-1 seating system with Bouncer gives comfort and support to the child for all of childhood and beyond with a modern-design seating system. With the Stokke Steps designed to be used together with the Stokke Steps Bouncer bringing your newborn to the table and with the Stokke Steps Baby Set to create the highchair, Stokke Steps is the complete childhood seating system. The Stokke Steps Bouncer can be used alone on the floor, thanks to the sturdy base which avoids sliding, or easily clipped onto the chair. It folds flat for easy storage and travel and with a unique cradling movement that mimics the feeling of being cradled in mothers arms.

RRP for Stokke™ Steps™ chair £189 from