The best decaf tea for a comforting cuppa

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by Emily Thorpe |

While we're not sure we entirely trust anyone who doesn't enjoy a good cup of tea, we do understand that for various reasons, you might want to steer clear of caffeinated tea.

What is decaf tea?

Decaffeinated tea can refer to either naturally caffeine-free hot drinks like herbal tea, or a tea that has been through a process to remove its caffeine.

Is caffeinated tea bad for you?

While some studies claim that caffeine is indeed bad for you, there are also studies that show it isn't. Unlike with coffee, according to Bird and Blend, the "high content of antioxidants also found in tea help increase the positive effects of caffeine on your body; lifting you for longer and smoothing out any crash and burn later on in the day."

woman drinking tea

Why have decaf tea?

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, the NHS say that you can have caffeine, but recommend no more than 200mg per day. Now with around 75mg in a mug of tea, if you like a few cuppas through the day, you might find that you need to look for an alternative.

Of course, even if you aren't expecting a new arrival you may still want to limit your caffeine. As well as being able to enjoy a cup of decaf tea at any time of the day without being kept awake at night, a lower caffeine intake can reduce stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure and help absorb more nutrients from your diet. So it's well worth a try!

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