8 of the best wine fridges for your favourite vino

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by Emily Gilbert |

We all have our little pleasures in life, from reality TV to chocolate and being a parent makes you appreciate these more than ever, especially as it's likely you have less time to enjoy them than you did before children.

If you're a lover of fine wines and look forward to a generous glass after a long day, you might have considered buying your very own wine fridge.

We spoke to luxury Scandinavian appliance brand, ASKO, who has teamed up with wine expert and sommelier, Andreas Larsson, to reveal the best ways to store your wine and what features to look out for when purchasing a wine cooler.

What is a wine fridge?

A wine fridge or cooler is a designated refrigerator that keeps wines at the ideal temperature for drinking.

Do I need a wine fridge?

If you’re somebody who really enjoys their wine and likes to try and buy a variety, a wine fridge could be a great fit for your home. Drinking wine at its optimal temperature means you can enjoy it at its very best, enhancing the experience for the drinker.

However, if you aren’t fussed about what you drink (or how), we’d recommend giving a wine fridge a miss.

What types of different wine fridges are there?

There are a few options to consider when purchasing a wine cooler, says Andreas, but you need to consider your own wants and needs.

Built-in wine coolers have the benefit of achieving a streamlined look in a kitchen, but once placed it’s a challenge to change the positioning. A design-led freestanding wine cooler gives you the freedom to find the best position for your kitchen whilst looking stylish.

What features should I look for in a wine fridge?

After such a complex process of making the wines, you can spoil the taste by serving it at the wrong temperature. When purchasing a wine cooler, it is crucial that the features allow for the temperatures to be adapted and changed in order to get the best out of your wine.

Sommelier Andreas Larsson says: "Optimum light conditions are also key to keeping wines at their best. Keeping your wine away from harmful UV light is very important, as exposure can damage the drink, resulting in a strange taste and odour."

As well as UV light and incorrect temperatures, humidity can also have a big impact on the overall outcome of wine. Wine should be kept in conditions with a humidity level of around 70%, as anything below this can result in drying out and anything above this can cause mould.

Do I need a single or dual-temperature wine fridge?

When purchasing your wine cooler, it is crucial to invest in a product that has different temperature settings which allow you to adapt to suit your wine needs.

A single temperature wine cooler is set to the same temperature which may not be ideal for all wines. Dual wine coolers have two temperature controls with a divided storage space which may be set to their own temperatures.

Why is it important to serve wine at the correct temperature?

Maintaining and developing the wine’s flavour depends on the temperature the wine is stored in. Many don’t know the correct temperature to store their favourite wines which results in spoiling the taste.

“It is commonly thought that red wine should be served at room temperature - but that’s a myth. Wine should be served at the right temperature,” says Andreas. "This is slightly below room temperature, at around 20°C."

How much does a wine fridge cost?

Like with most things, the price of a wine cooler really varies which means there’s something for every budget, as you’ll notice from our round-up. We’ve included wine coolers from as little as £145 and all the way up to £1,239 at the top end.

As a rule of thumb, think about how expensive your wine collection is. If your entire collection of wine is worth £300, there’s not much point splurging on a £1,500 wine fridge. But if wine is something you heavily invest in, it makes sense you’ll want a more expensive wine fridge with all the bells and whistles you could ever need.

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