Breast milk jewellery for a special keepsake

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by Emily Thorpe |

Breastfeeding is rarely a straightforward experience but for a lot of us, it's a really special journey and bonding time that we want to remember. One way to do this is by buying a piece of breast milk jewellery which put simply, is jewellery made using your breast milk.

Why do people want breast milk jewellery?

"Breastfeeding journeys are different for every single mother, some long, some short, some incredibly challenging and some a breeze but it is all totally unique to each mother. It is such a special time for a mother no matter how long and many mothers like to have something truly unique to remind them of this special journey between mother and baby," explains entrepreneur Erin Parnell who crafts people's cherished items into stunning pieces of jewellery for them to cherish forever.

How is jewellery made from breast milk?

There are various methods for making jewellery out of breastmilk, and it isn’t easy. "Most commonly it is encased inside resin which is incredibly durable and will last a very long time," says Erin. "I personally use eco-friendly resin, which is jewellery grade so quite expensive but very high quality. The resin is set in moulds that form the desired shape, then polished and set into the jewellery item."

How to preserve breastmilk jewellery

We'd recommend using a specialised company to preserve your breast milk.

"There are quite a few different ways to preserve breastmilk from using citric acid to extract the milk protein, to drying the milk in other ways, however, the milk is almost always in a powder form. I treat the milk for up to a week before using it in jewellery removing all bacteria to ensure it doesn’t discolour over time," says Erin.

How long does breast milk jewellery last?

Breastmilk jewellery lasts forever if taken care of. "I always advise treating it like fine jewellery, removing it for bathing and handwashing. I’ve had my own personal pieces for almost 4 years now and they are the same as the day they were made," Erin says. "I can’t wait until my daughter is older so I can share them with her, they really are so special."

What breast milk jewellery can I buy?

The type of jewellery you might usually wear such as earrings, a necklace, ring and bracelet can all be made into breast milk jewellery.

Take a look below for some options available to buy...

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