Joie Multiply Review

from Joie
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Joie Multiply is where highchair meets table. You can mix it up from a maxed out highchair to a mini table with every mealtime milestone in between and it has easy glide tilt which adjusts to three recline angles to give your baby total comfort. The Multiply height adjusts to fit quickly growing and developing little ones and to fit varying table and island heights with a total of five height adjustments.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: The most impressive aspect of this highchair is how much easier it is to clean than my existing highchair. The Joie doesn’t have anywhere that food can end up while your little one is learning to eat. There is an insert which is removable, easy to clean and is like a tray with different compartments. The straps are easy to adjust and you can adjust the height of the seat so I can tuck my little one under the dining room table when we are having family meals which is much nicer than them being set back with the tray on.

Michelle: It is great that it can be transformed to suit many different heights to match your dining table. This means that your baby could eat directly at the table without the tray with ease. The seat is extremely comfortable and so easy to clean due to the fabric it is made from. The removable tray is such a fab idea. I also like the fact is can be used as a booster with the tray however I am unsure how often I would personally use this function.

Elizabeth: I would recommend this product because it is a good price, it appeared to be extremely comfortable for my baby with the plush leather style seat and it was easy to use. It is also great how it adapts and grows with your child and is useful from newborn through to being a young child. It is easy to put together and fold away when you do not want to use it.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alexis: I loved the highchair. The clever design means it becomes a toddler seat too. It would last much longer than a plain high chair. The wheels allow it to be pushed up to the table to eat or moved around easily out of the way The removable tray was great for cleaning and I loved the insert for baby led weaning.

Rebecca: I love the ease with which you can fold the highchair away after use. Being able to remove the cover from the tray makes clearing away so much easier as you can fit it in the sink. The fact that it is also a booster seat makes it very handy for taking out to dinner or on trips! I also love the ease of removing the seat cover to clean it.

Lucy: I really enjoyed this high chair. The best part was the fact we could split it from a high chair into a booster seat for a normal dining chair. This allowed my child to sit closer to the table and really feel part of the dining experience. It was easy and light enough to take with us when going out for a meal meaning a lot less fuss when worrying about dinner with the little ones. It fitted on the chairs easily and securely.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: Although I did enjoy using the product, I don’t feel I would choose it above others on the market due to the price. Although it is a multi-purpose item, I think this is quite a lot to spend on a highchair. I feel that the additional inserts and the fabric used make this highchair harder to keep clean than simpler and cheaper items I have previously used. I also feel it takes up a lot of space in the home.

Beccy: The thing that makes this an amazing product is the fact you can use it very early on before they are even ready to wean such as for a nap while you cook. You can use it for two children at once, the adjustable height and the way it can act as a small table and chair to eat or play on are all great features. I was able to let my toddler play with playdoh on it and not worry about them ruining a surface.

Rose: I am not sure I would choose this product. I found it was too large and bulky compared to alternatives. I didn't trust the fact two of the four legs were wheels as I didn't feel it was stable or safe. The tray was bulky with the built-in leg divider, which became tricky to position, due to its weight. It was also difficult to juggle removing the tray and unstrapping my child as the tray would not sit flat due to the tray divider.

What changes would you make to this product?

Karen: I just think that it is really expensive for a highchair. I get that it can be altered and will grow with the needs of your children but do people really keep high chairs for that long. The fabric and trays look grubby even if they are clean. The chair is imposing, bulky and takes up a lot of space.

Louise: The one thing I would change is the bulkiness of the chair. It does take up quite a bit of space, and the tray is very wide, which isn't a problem if you have plenty of room. Considering all the fabulous uses it has, it's really only a minor downside, and would not deter me from purchasing it.

Chelsea: If I could change one thing it would be the size. It does not fold flat so is rather bulky and sits far from the wall when collapsed. It takes up more space than necessary for a highchair. It is great it has a lot of functions but I am not sure you actually need them all.

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