Polly Magic Relax Review

from Chicco
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Meet the new super soft Polly Magic Relax highchair with cocooning that follows your baby's growth! Suitable from birth, it comes with a padded reducer and an entertaining toy bar to cuddle and stimulate your child. This highchair is very versatile with eight adjustable height positions and a removable tray which means you can attach it to the table and you and baby can enjoy meals together. It is easy to fold and free-standing, while the four wheels make it easy to move from one room to another.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Michaela: The Polly Magic Relax has a range of different functions making it more than just a standard highchair. It comes with three different recline positions and eight different height options making it a lot easier to feed your little one in a position which is also comfortable for you. I would recommend it due to the many uses it has. There is the newborn cradle position where a baby can lie back and play with the toy bar, the feeding position for 6-months-old+ and it can turn into a seat for baby to use once they are able to sit unaided.

Shona: The flexibility of this is amazing, especially as it can be used from the newborn stage with the fun toy bar and reclinable seat. It can fold down so small which is great when you need space at the table. It is easy to wipe down and keep things as hygienic as possible. Would also be handy for mums who have had c-section to have somewhere higher up and safe to put their baby to ease the pain of bending.

Samantha: I would recommend this product to other parents for a number of reasons. It folds down and can be stored away easily and discreetly. The adjustable height allows you to sit around a table as a family and remove the tray completely. The removable tray top helps keep it hygienic and easy to clean. I also liked the adjustable foot plate for your little one to place their feet so they’re not swinging.

How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: The product is compact, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. The chair is engaging for any baby because of the well-presented toys. Mess after eating is easy to clean away and the chair looks new, even after the messiest of meals. My favourite feature of the product is the recline function, it means no more waking baby after falling asleep.

Annemarie: This highchair offered some very good features that made mealtimes a little less stressful. The cushion is really comfortable and our daughter did not protest as she has with other high chairs. The chair has a five-point harness and made it impossible for our little escape artist to get out of. The tray clips on/off easily and the cover can be put in the dishwasher which saved time. We did baby led weaning and spoon feeding and the chair caters well for both. The folding mechanism is quick and easy to operate.

Dannibelle: The Chicco Polly Magic Relax really makes my job as a mum easier because my infant can eat, relax, watch TV or look at books all sitting comfortably and securely within this highchair. I can get on with house duties or simply relax without interruptions. A highchair is very important within our household and we found this one to be really useful.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tejal: The product is fantastic and very versatile. I love that it can be used from birth up to 15kg and it is very easy to use and change once it's set up. My only hesitation in recommending this product as the winner is the price. It is expensive and although it can be used from birth, there are cheaper products on the market which would be more attractive for parents on a budget. Other than the price, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the product.

Louise: I think this is a winning product. It has been cleverly designed but is also so easy to use. It can quickly change from a feeding chair to a normal chair to keep the child safe and entertained. There are so many additional features such as the moving tray or the toy bar and it is easy to fold, easy to move and easy to clean.

Helen: I don't feel that this is the best high chair despite its features being brilliant. It is just too big. When pulled up to a table the baby is in a brilliant position and is very comfortable, but it takes up a huge amount of space behind so people can't walk past it. Once collapsed it takes up a lot of space which makes it significantly less portable than I would have hoped.

What changes would you make to this product?

Michelle: I feel it is extremely bulky and very difficult to fully collapse. I would like to see this improved. If you are lacking space this product would not be a good choice as it takes up a lot of room when in use and when collapsed. It is great that the insert can be removed but when you are wiping it down after each mealtime it isn’t the easiest to fully clean as food gets stuck in the gaps surrounding the cover and chair.

Michaela: The buttons which are used to move the armrests and to move the seat up and down are quite stiff. To make them more fluid would help when trying to adjust the highchair. The toy bar is also quite difficult to put on and to take off. When taking the toy bar off you have to pull it which sometimes feels like it might break.

Shona: We love bright colours in this house and although this was a lovely red colour, on the whole, the chair was lacking in bright and bold colouring. The toys could have been designed with this in mind as well. Contrasting colours are great for newborn eyesight and maybe the tray/seat liners could have bolder colour options.

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